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I Shall Wear Midnight

This is a review of “I Shall Wear Midnight” by Terry Pratchett. It is the 38th novel in The Discworld Series and the fourth novel in the Tiffany Aching Story Arc. (YA)

It follows “Wintersmith“.

Tiffany Aching is the witch on The Chalk. Witching is a tiring and often thankless task. Tiffany has to work long hours and do some tough jobs. She barely has time to care for herself, she hardly sleeps and almost never eats.

The old Baron is very ill, and is slowly dying. Tiffany is taking his pain away, but even so, his time is nigh. The Baron’s son Roland, Tiffany’s old friend, doesn’t speak to her anymore. And to make matters worse, something truly awful has just occurred within the community. Something so awful, that the rough music has started playing, and a mob is forming.

Tiffany does her best to prevent events from worsening, but it seems like everyone is turning against her, and witches in general. What could be happening?

Tiffany travels to Ankh Morpork to locate Roland to tell him some news, and here she meets two witches who help her to figure out what’s going on. Tiffany learns that she’s up against an old, old evil. And it’s worse than the queen of the fairies, the wintersmith and the hiver…

A story about growing up, having pride in yourself and your actions and about love.

(I just adore the last page!)


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A Hat Full of Sky

This is a review of “A Hat Full of Sky” by Terry Pratchett. It is the 32nd novel in The Discworld Series and the second novel in the Tiffany Aching Story Arc. It follows on from “The Wee Free Men“.

Tiffany Aching must leave The Chalk to go away and learn witching. Witches aren’t all that popular on The Chalk though, so she tells everyone that she is going “into service” to learn to be a housemaid.

She travels to the mountains and the house of witch Miss Level, who is more than she first seems… There are other young girls in the mountains, all stationed with a witch learning the arts. Some are nicer than others.

Tiffany can’t stand riding a broomstick (it makes her stomach heave) and even the simplest magic creation, a shamble, seems beyond her grasp. The everyday tasks of witches also seem a little monotonous.

But despite all this, Tiffany is precocious and powerful, and she’s attracted the attention of something really nasty.

Can the Nac mac Feegle help their big wee hag? Or will their new Kelda have something to say about it?

I enjoyed this book. Look out for Granny Weatherwax 🙂


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