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This is a review of “Windfall” by Rachel Caine. It is the fourth novel in the Weather Warden Series. It follows on from “Chill Factor“.

As this book is a part of series, the following review may reveal some details of the previous novels. Do not read if you want to read this series in the future and don’t want to know of any plot spoilers.

Joanne is no longer a member of the World Council of Weather Wardens. Nor is she a member of their opposing group, the Ma’at. She’s a weather girl on channel WXTV. She still has her powers but is not using them as she doesn’t want to be noticed and have her powers taken from her by the Council (if they deem her dangerous, they will do so without hesitation). Being a weather girl sucks, and the pay isn’t too crash hot either. At least she’s made a new friend there, Cherise.

But although Joanne is not manipulating the weather, someone has been. She can’t feel who exactly, but of course the wardens suspect her and send a team to investigate. Joanne manages to convince her old friend and boss John that it hasn’t been her, but not everyone believes her.

David is sick. Well… He’s not himself, he’s not quite an Ifrit, but he can barely hold on to his form as a Djinn either. Joanne doesn’t know how to help him, and Jonathan refuses to help: “You broke him. You fix him”. Jo only releases him from his bottle for short amounts of time. But although he seems a little better after being in the bottle, it’s obvious he’s not getting well. And is she pregnant or not?

Jo’s sister arrives needing a place to stay. She’s divorced her rich husband and is really down and out. While shopping with Cherise, Sarah notices that Jo is being followed. Who is following her? Jo confronts him, and he reveals that he is Detective Quinn’s partner on the force. He wants to know what happened to Quinn, and he’s vowed to stay on her until she tells him. Great. Another problem she really didn’t need.

And there’s something strange going on with the Wardens and the Djinn. It seems some are getting tired of taking orders…

I liked this one. Poor Jo seems a bit down on her luck. Sucky job, a sick boyfriend, a weird pregnancy, a needy sister and tails by the Wardens and the regular human police. Ugh. I’m exhausted for her. I liked the detective following her. I liked meeting Sarah, even though she was a little annoying. Cherise is cool. The weather girl job is entertaining too.


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