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This is a review of “Watermelon” by Marian Keyes. It is the first novel in The Walsh Sisters Series.

Claire has just had a baby. A beautiful baby girl. And her husband James has left her. Yep. Left her. At the hospital. On the day their child was born. For another woman. A less attractive woman! With three kids of her own. Wtf?!

Claire has no choice but to fly back to her family in Dublin. Her mother who doesn’t cook, her father who loves watching telly and her two younger sisters (the other two have moved out) Anna, the airhead and Helen the hellcat. She takes her baby girl and baby items with her.

What is Claire to do now? With a baby on her own? And a body that still resembles a Watermelon? And no self-esteem to speak of?

Her days pass in a never ending blur of saggy high-necked nightgowns, feeding times, nappy changes, tears, anger and loneliness. Will she ever feel ok again?

After some time, and with the help of someone rather special, Claire begins to feel better.

And then James pops back up. Will they sort things out? Or has this ordeal changed Claire irrevocably?

A funny, heart-wrenching, and quite realistic novel.


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The Mystery of Mercy Close

This is a review of “The Mystery of Mercy Close” by Marian Keyes.

Marian Keyes’ newest novel is written from the perspective of Helen Walsh the youngest Walsh sister. It is the 5th novel in the Walsh Sisters Series. (Each of them can also be read individually as stand alone novels).

Helen is a Private Investigator. Financial hardship has hit Ireland and Helen hard, and she is out of work. She’s had most of her belongings repossessed and she’s been forced to move out of her beloved apartment and back into her parents’ house.

She has an older boyfriend. Artie. He’s divorced with 3 children. One of whom really dislikes her. And his ex wife seems to be hanging around an awful lot…

Out of the blue, Helen’s ex turns up. Jay Parker. He needs her help. Helen is extremely reluctant, but a job is a job, isn’t it? Jay is the agent of the aging Irish boy band Laddz. They’re planning a comeback tour. It’s meant to be huge. But with only days to go, one of the boys, Wayne Diffney, “the wacky one”, has disappeared without a trace.

It’s Helen’s job to find him.

But not everything is peachy with Helen…

I loved this book. I like all of Marian Keyes, but the Walsh sisters are very entertaining. And I have been waiting eagerly for Helen’s story to be released.


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