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This is a review of “Maskerade” by Terry Pratchett. It is the 18th novel in The Discworld Series and the fifth novel in the Witches Story Arc. Character arc-wise it follows on from “Lords and Ladies“.

Nanny Ogg notices that Granny Weatherwax is acting differently. Nanny’s worried that with Magrat gone and married to the King, Granny won’t be satisfied with the Lancre witching life with no one to boss about.

Nanny has someone in mind, but young Agnes Nitt has left Lancre to seek her fortune in Ankh Morpork as an opera singer under the pseudonym Perdita X Dream. But how to get Granny Weatherwax to travel to Ankh Morpok?

Nanny Ogg has a humorous solution.

Meanwhile the opera house in Ankh Morpork is suffering from a situation quite similar to the plot of The Phantom of the Opera.

A ghost is terrorizing the Opera House. At first it was making simple demands like surrendering Box 8 to the ghost on opening nights, but lately people are being murdered…

It’s up to Agnes, Granny and Nanny to solve the mystery of the opera ghost.

As with all of Pratchett’s work, “Maskerade” is humorous and entertaining. I quite liked the mystery and suspense of this novel. Look out for the appearance of other favourite Discworld characters.


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Lords and Ladies

This is a review of “Lords and Ladies” by Terry Pratchett. It is the 14th novel in The Discworld Series and the fourth novel in the Witches Story Arc. Character arc-wise it follows on from “Witches Abroad“.

The three witches Magrat, Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg are back from their trip abroad. Magrat finds upon arrival that King Verence II has gone ahead and organized their wedding without even proposing to her. Nanny and Granny discover that young girls have decided to become the new witches of the Ramtops.

What has been happening while they’ve been away?!

Magrat after arguing with Granny Weatherwax decides to emancipate herself from the older witches and forgo being a witch altogether. And Granny Weatherwax has a thing or two to say to these young gels with romanticized views of witchcraft.

Crop circles begin appearing and Granny realises that these young witches have been playing at something far more sinister than dancing around starkers.

They’ve been meeting near a place that attracts the gentry to their world. These Lords and Ladies are not nice, and not to be trusted. They’re a nightmare.

It’s up to the witches to rescue Lancre.

Again Pratchett uses Shakespeare, this time “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

This book is about love, perserverence, might-have-beens, friendship and bravery.

It’s funny, entertaining and at times a little nostalgic. I enjoyed it.


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