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Dead Over Heels

This is a review of “Dead Over Heels” by Charlaine Harris. It is the fifth novel in The Aurora Teagarden Series. It follows on from “The Julius House“.

Aurora is happily married. She has found a new friend in Angel Youngblood (her sometime bodyguard). She has renovated her house to perfection and is generally happy in all areas of her life. Maybe a baby would be nice…

Roe is in the garden, taking turns with Angel to mow the lawn. A plane flies overhead and out falls a man. A dead man. As in a man who was already dead before he ever left the plane. The dead man is none other than Detective Jack Burns. Both Angel and Aurora have had their run ins with the detective (and you gotta admit, Roe does seem to attract dead people).

The dead detective is disturbing, no doubt about it, but other people begin to get hurt. Seriously hurt. Aurora has an inkling that someone may have an obsession with Angel. Can they find the obsessed killer before its too late?

Full of surprises, this is another great Roe Teagarden novel.


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The Julius House

This is a review of “The Julius House” by Charlaine Harris. It is the fourth book in The Aurora Teagarden Series.

Aurora is happily enjoying engaged life. It’s something she’s been waiting for forever, and she’s so in love with her fiancé Martin Bartell. They really seem to understand one another. Aurora knows for sure she’s got “The One” when Martin purchases the perfect wedding gift. The Julius House.

The Julius House is the house of Roe’s dreams. It is exactly what she’s been looking for, and even has the added bonus of being the site of a famous missing persons (presumed murder) mystery. Roe gets on with her wedding plans, her renovations and sleuthing.

But can Roe get past Martin’s shady background? Can she get him to be honest with her? Just what sort of relationship does Martin have with the couple he’s recommended live in the above-garage apartment of their new house? And what did happen to the Julius family?

Personal thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book! More than any other in the series so far. I liked the addition of Shelby and Angel, and I enjoyed reading more about Roe and Martin. It was nice to see Roe so happy.

A lot of Sookie fans don’t like Aurora, and think that without the paranormal, life in the South is “boring” and “full of fluff”. Living in a small town myself at the moment (admittedly I am in Australia, and not the southern US) I can relate to the small-town-edness Harris describes. I can relate to Aurora having a name that’s a mouthful myself! I love reading about Southern Culture, it’s very entertaining. I enjoy Aurora Teagarden on many levels.


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Three Bedrooms, One Corpse

This is a review of “Three Bedrooms, One Corpse” by Charlaine Harris. It is the third novel in The Aurora Teagarden Series.

Auroroa “Roe” Teagarden is no longer a librarian. But she needs something to do with her time. So she considers becoming a Real Estate Agent in her mother’s agency, Select Realty. But in the first house she shows, there is an unexpected surprise on the second floor. The body of a dead woman is found in one of the bedrooms. The dead woman is a realtor in another firm in town and a known “hussy”. Of course the find is shocking in and of itself, but Aurora is able to continue on in life without too much distress (she is a murder buff after all).

But when another female realtor’s body is found, in another house for sale, Roe begins to see a pattern emerge. It seems her yearning for a career change has come at a dangerous time in the Realtor business.

And although Roe has been comfortably (and chastely) dating Aubrey Scott- a local priest- new man in town -Martin- really gets her blood racing. Should she continue on with the priest? Or take her chances with Martin?

And, oh yeah, who is killing these women?

Personal thoughts:
I really like Roe. I have heard that many people don’t like this series, but I love it! She is a strong woman looking for love and she knows what she wants. And not just what she wants in a man, but what she wants in life.

I thought her actions toward the end were pretty silly, but they suited her character, so were not really unexpected. And she came out all right in the end!

I love all of Charlaine Harris’ novels. She just has this knack for writing with familiarity, emotion, humour, quirk, verve and colloquialisms.


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A Bone To Pick

This is a review of the novel “A Bone To Pick”, the 2nd novel in Charlaine Harris’ Aurora Teagarden Series. It follows on from “Real Murders“.

Aurora has not had a great couple of weeks, unmarried herself, she must attend the wedding of her mother (her second wedding) and of her ex-lover Arthur and his new girlfriend Lynn. To Aurora’s utter dismay, Lynn is also visibly pregnant. To top things off, Aurora must next attend a funeral of a friend and fellow member of the now disbanded club Real Murders, Jane Engle.

Completely to Aurora’s surprise, Jane has left everything to her. Her sizable bank account and her house. This house however, comes with a rather unpleasant surprise. Aurora quickly realises that Jane has left her with another mystery to solve. And it’s not just any old mystery. It’s a murder mystery.

And to make matters worse, Aurora suspects that the culprit may very well be any one of her new neighbours of her newly acquired house.

Entertaining and quite true-to-life, the second book in the Aurora Teagarden Series is just as good as the first.


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