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The Farseekers

This is a review of “The Farseekers”, the second book of The Obernewtyn Series by Isobelle Carmody. It follows on from “Obernewtyn“.

Having freed Obernewtyn from the control of power hungry sadists, Elspeth and her misfit buddies wish to expand their horizons, develop their abilities and learn more about the authoritative powers of their world; the totalitarian (their way or the high way) Council with their armed soldierguards, and the mysterious, dogmatic, zealous Herder priests.

They mount an expedition to the lowlands, with three purposes: to locate a misfit talent whose identity is unknown, to infiltrate the Council and to examine pre-holocaust ruins for Beforetime texts and artefacts.

Elspeth and her companions engage in many adventures during this expedition. They experience entrapment for a period, in the camp of exiled and believed-to-be-dead ex-Herder priest Henry Druid. They are washed up on the shores of Seditioner supporters Katlyn and Gruffyd Llewllyn before meeting their Rebel Leader son Brydda. They rescue escaped misfit Herder acolyte Jik and trek home to warn Obernewtyn of impending disaster.

Elspeth is separated from her companions due to her horrific injuries sustained in the course of the first novel. She is rescued by giant birds with mind-speaking powers and informed that she is indeed important in the bigger scheme of things.

This is possibly my favorite book of the Obernewtyn Series. Characters are fleshed out, and the reader learns more about this strange and dangerous world outside of Obernewtyn.


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