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Morganville Vampires Short Stories, Snippets and Extras

As the short stories here are part of a series, the following review may reveal some details of the Morganville Vampires Series that you may not have read yet. I will say where each story fits chronologically at the beginning of each review. If I have not said, it’s because I am unsure. Do not read if you intend to read this series from the beginning in the future, and don’t want to know of any potential plot spoilers. There are more short stories that have been written and published by Rachel Caine, if I have not included them here it is because I am yet to read them.

Sam’s Story
This is a review of the short story “Sam’s Story” by Rachel Caine.

Just as the title says, this is the story of Sam Glass.

Sad and poignant.

Read it online here.

This is a review of the short story “Grudge” by Rachel Caine.

Chronologically it takes place before “Glass Houses“.

A story about what happened to Shane’s younger sister Alyssa.

Read it online here.

A very sad story. 😦

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
This is a review of the short story “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life” by Rachel Caine.

Chronologically, this story comes before “Glass Houses“.

Eve turns 18, suffers, makes a big decision. Has she made the right choice?

I really enjoyed this Eve insight. I loved learning about what’s brought her to where she is at the beginning of the Morganville Vampires Series.

Read it online here.

Amelie’s Story
This is a review of the Morganville snippet “Amelie’s Story” by Rachel Caine.

Chronologically, I am sure it takes place directly after/around the same time as the end of “Glass Houses“.

A little sliver of insight into Amelie.

I liked it, but it did not really add any depth to anything. I did enjoy the interaction between Amelie and Oliver though.

Read it online here.

Dead Man Stalking
This is a review of the short story “Dead Man Stalking” by Rachel Caine.

Chronologically, this is Morganville story #4.5, so it slots in between “Feast of Fools” and “Lord of Misrule“.

Shane is sure he sees someone he thought was dead, and has got to make some tough decisions.

Again, we gain more insight into Shane. He’s not had it easy, poor kid. I can completely relate to the lines:

I wanted to love him. I wanted to hit him‘.

Story of my life right there Shane, ol’ buddy. I am definitely feelin’ ya.

Read it online here.

Lunch Date
This is a review of the Morganville snippet “Lunch Date” by Rachel Caine

Claire scrounges up a bite to eat.

A cute little piece.

Read it online here.

All Hallows
This is a review of the short story “All Hallows” by Rachel Caine.

Chronologically this is Morganville story #6.5, so it fits in between “Carpe Corpus” and “Fade Out“.

It’s Halloween, what better night to lose a vampire and try to save him? Written from Eve’s POV.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, I really enjoy reading about Morganville from another character’s perspective. The main novels are (for the most part) written from Claire’s perspective, it’s nice to get inside Eve’s head for this one.

Read it online here.

Anger Management
This is a review of the short story “Anger Management” by Rachel Caine.

Chronologically, this is Morganville story #10.5, so it comes after “Bite Club“.

Shane’s got some serious self work to do.

Written from Shane’s POV. I really liked this one. I get Shane in a way that only someone with a similar past can get someone. It’s hard not to choose anger as your response to things sometimes.

Read it online here.

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Worth Living For

A Morganville Vampires short story that takes place between “Fade Out ” and “Kiss of Death“. It was included in my copy of “Ghost Town“.

Shane is asked by Mayor Richard Morrell and Chief of Police: Hannah Moses to keep a eye on Michael. What kind of trouble has Michael gotten himself into? And can Shane help him? More to the point, does he even want to?

This short story was told from Shane’s perspective. I like these little insights into Shane. I enjoy reading about Morganville through the eyes of another character, it’s interesting and helps me to understand not only Shane, but other Morganville characters, a little better. I enjoyed this story that focused on Shane and Michael’s friendship.


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Murdered Out

This is a review of “Murdered Out” by Rachel Caine, a cute Morganville Vampires short story from Shane’s point of view (POV). It was included at the back of my novel “Carpe Corpus“, so I can only conclude that chronologically, that is where it goes also. You can also read it online here.

Shane and Claire have ventured out, a wee bit too close to darkness than is comfortable in Morganville. They’ve been to see a movie and are making their way home. Problem is, they don’t have a car, and the streets of Morganville are not safe at all. Night time belongs to the vamps, so it’s best that they get home quick. They’re going ok until Claire trips and injures herself badly. Shane decides its probably time for him to get a car…

I really liked this. It was cool to read a Morganville story from another character’s POV.


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