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Endless Knight

This is a review of “Endless Knight” by Kresley Cole. It is book 2 in The Arcana Chronicles. It follows on from “Poison Princess“.

This book is a part of a series, the following review will most definitely reveal details of the previous novel. Do not read if you intend to read this series in the future and don’t want to know of any potential plot spoilers.

Life post-apocalypse is tough, just ask Evie and her friends. They survived The Flash, a global cataclysmic flare that flash-evaporated the Earth’s bodies of water and reduced most plant-life to ash. It’s bad enough just trying to survive in general, but these teens have another big problem … they’re Arcana.

Into every Dark Age on Earth, twenty two children are born. Each of these children possess a supernatural power. These are the Arcana. The Arcana must battle it out to the death, there can only be one victor. This victor lives on as an immortal until the next game. The Major Arcana on a deck of Tarot Cards represent each of the twenty two.

Evie is The Empress. She controls plant life and has an arsenal of poison at her disposal. She has already destroyed one Arcana, the twisted Alchemist, Arthur, and The Empress within her is clamouring for more. But Evie doesn’t want to play the game. She’s formed a shaky alliance with a few other Arcana, and she aims to recruit more. So far she has: Matthew- The Fool, Selena-The Moon and Finneas-The Magician. They all want to be rid of Death, he taunts them and has been the Ultimate Victor the last few times around. This means that he’s a serious player and has more knowledge of the game, as he’s able to retain his memories.

On top of all of this, Evie has Jackson to contend with. He’s only just finding out about The Arcana, and his first real glimpse into the whole strangeness was of Evie, gone full Empress. It freaked him out majorly and he’s pissed that she’s kept things from him. Evie can’t really blame him, but she also can’t help but be hurt by his reaction. They’ve definitely got some stuff to work through.

Can they survive all that they must?
~Zombie baggers (liquid seeking deaders)
~Militia Armies
~Cannibals (ugh) and
~Other Arcana who want to play the game

Is everything as it first seems, can they trust anyone? Can they trust each other?

I liked this book very much. It’s been a while since I read “Poison Princess“, so it took me a moment to recall some things but it’s written so well that I was soon immersed in the story again. I loved the raw quality and the intensity of the romance in this novel. So much passion! I also loved being introduced to the different Arcana. I lurvved it when the Cajun spoke. Kresley Cole has such a way with accents! The way she writes the accented dialogue is so artful, I could almost hear the Cajun rolling out of my head and into my ears. I always enjoy the individuality of her characters, their dialogue is so unique to each of them. I was a fan of the surprising turns this novel took, and I was super pleased with the creep factor of some scenes. I really cannot wait for more Arcana, consider me hooked.

Favourite lines/passages:

“You’re acting like we got some kind of choice in this matter. You’re just as screwed as I am–because we’re both too far gone for the other.”
Jackson Deveaux

“Arcana rule number one: trust no one.”


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This is a review of the novel “Macrieve” by Kresley Cole. It is the 13th installment (there are novellas as well as novels, which makes it a hard one to place) in The Immortals After Dark Series. It follows on from “Lothaire” (and was published after The Dacians: Realm of Blood and Mist (offshoot IAD Series) novel “Shadow’s Claim“.

Long ago, Uilleam MacRieve was subjected to something no young boy (or Lykae for that matter) should ever have to suffer. It’s affected him deeply. He’s had a burning shame and lurking hatred for centuries. He believes he’s broken. His recent capture and torture at the hands of the Order haven’t helped him any. He’s more shattered than ever. Lucky that he has his twin Munro to look after him. To other Lykae he’s known as Head Case. He’s decided he’s not for this world for much longer. He can barely leash his beast, and he’s sick of living for nothing.

Chloe Todd is a soccer superstar. Her dream is to make it to the Olympics, and she’s very, very close. Whenever she’s wanted something, whenever she’s set her heart and sights on a goal, it’s become hers. She’s strong, she’s determined, she’s a fighter. Which is going to come in handy as her dad is none too popular among Loreans. When he evades capture, Chloe is abducted in his place. Gurreat. She’s soon to become the property of the highest bidder at an auction held in her honour. And what’s the dealio with her body and her appetite at the moment? She’s been feeling mighty strange of late.

But MacRieve has found his mate at long last. She’s given him reason to live. A bonny lass, a good, innocent girl. And Chloe’s found a safe harbour in her shitstorm of a life. She’s got no way of fulfilling her Olympic dreams with half of the Lore after her, and her dad has disappeared without a trace. It’s nice to be looked after, made to feel special and safe. But where has her appetite gone? And why does she feel so different?

Can MacRieve bury the pain of his past, before he buries the promise of what is between he and Chloe? Or will he let the ghosts of the past determine his future?

I really liked this IAD novel. It was funny, entertaining and it genuinely surprised me in some parts. I thought I had things figured out and, nope, I didn’t. Which I liked. When I first began reading this series, I was dubious as to whether I could enjoy them. I am not a huge fan of romance. A book has got to have some kind of substance. Not just be wishy washy, predictable or perfect. For me it has got to be “real” in some sense.

And some might think that to be a stupid thing for me to say, as my favourite genres are fantasy or paranormal fiction (you know, “make believe”). But my favourites, they all feel real. They’ve got substance. And I think that’s why I like Kresely Cole’s Immortals After Dark Series. Though the novels are full of fantastic, impossible creatures, they’re also real people. They’ve got problems, hang-ups and issues. They’ve got desires, kinks, and quirks. They’re loveable. They’re also hate-able. Frustrating. These are my guilty pleasure novels. But I won’t call them “trashy romance”, because they’re not. The entire IAD series is interwoven and complex. They’re funny, entertaining and intriguing. The issues, though they’re somewhat hidden in the fantastic nature of the immortals and their stories, are those that people can relate to. I can’t wait for the next one to be published.


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Poison Princess

This is a review of “Poison Princess” by Kresley Cole. It is her first YA novel, and is the first novel in The Arcana Chronicles.

Evangeline “Evie” Greene is a sixteen year old apocalypse survivor. Alone, she has stumbled into the home of Arthur. He asks Evie to tell him her story. Her story before The Flash (what everyone now calls the apocalyptic event) and after. After having a bite to eat and something warm to drink, she does. Arthur is a little…off though.

Evie takes us back to before The Flash, where she has just returned home after a stint in a mental institution. She was sent there by her mother to deal with her hallucinations. She’d been hearing voices and seeing visions of the world ending. She’s vowed to never go back there, and is working at appearing as normal as possible. She doesn’t want her mother to know that the voices and visions have not gone…

So it’s back to school. Back to her crazy BFF Mel and her gorgeous boyfriend Brandon. Back to … Cajuns? A new bridge has been built in the area and now a group of teens from the poor Cajun district attend their school. Clotile is sexy and braless, and is the new object of desire for the high school boys. Lionel is a petty thief. And Jackson is… a bit of a motorcycle riding mystery, and Evie’s new History Project parter. He always seems to be staring at Evie, and she’s one of the only ones that can understand the French that the Cajuns speak (not that she’s letting on).

When The Flash hits, Evie and her mother go on a looting spree (purely in the name of survival). Shortly after, Evie’s mother realises that Evie was never crazy. All her visions have come true. She is racked with guilt over the way she’s treated Evie, and Evie’s grandmother (her mother) whom she blamed for brainwashing Evie. They survive quite well until Evie’s mother is accosted by some Bagmen (fluid seeking zombies) and suffers internal injuries. Evie doesn’t know what to do. She is all set to go for help when Jackson shows up. So the Cajun survived, did he?

He warns them of a militia army that approaches, one that does wicked things and is searching for women. He is headed for Texas. He asks them to come along, but Evie cannot make the decision with her mother so ill. But in the morning she leaves with Jackson, on the condition that they head towards her grandmother. Evie is certain that she will know what to do, and she longs to remember the things her grandmother told her when she was little, about tarot and the Arcana. But thanks to her mother and to therapy, she has mostly blocked it out.

It’s not so bad with Jackson. The voices are quieter around him.

Can they survive the trip to find her grandmother? What about bagmen and militia? Or crazed survivors and cannibals? Who do the voices that speak to her belong to, and should she or shouldn’t she listen to them? And what’s with this Arthur dude?

I really did like this novel. It was a little dark for a YA novel, but it was compelling. I loved Jackson’s Cajun accent, and the way Cole put it down on paper, I could hear it rolling into my ears. It was a little confusing at times (especially the voices of the arcana) but everything made sense as long as I kept reading. I finished the book pretty quickly, and it’s a shame I’ll have to wait a while for the next installment. Cole did a pretty great job with her first YA novel, and if you’re a fan of her adult stuff, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this.


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Shadow’s Claim

This is a review of “Shadow’s Claim” by Kresley Cole. It is the first novel in the Immortals After Dark offshoot series; The Dacians: Realm of Blood and Mist. However it still fits in nicely with the Immortals After Dark Series, as novel number 11 (not counting the two novellas in the series), following on from “Lothaire“.

Bettina is Princess of the demon plane of Abbadon. She is half Sorceri, through her mother who was killed by Vrekeners, and half death demon through her father, demon king of Abbadon. Her father perished in battle after the death of her mother. Bettina is now a ward in the care of Morgana, Queen of the Sorceri and Raum, Grand Duke of the Deathly Ones. After being allowed to travel to and live in the mortal realm to study, she was attacked and almost killed by a group of Vrekeners. They left her broken and beaten and without her Sorceri power.

At 22, she is being offered up as a prize in a tournament. Whichever male wins the tournament, wins her hand in marriage, gets to be ruler of Abbadon beside her and gains control of her summoning amulet. Bettina is far from keen to be a tourney prize, but Morgana has promised her her Sorceri power back, and Raum has promised to kill the Vrekener attackers should she go through with it. Really, what choice does she have? But Bettina is in love with Caspion, a death demon she’s known since she was ten.

He’s not attracted to Bettina, he thinks of her only as a sister. Caspion has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle. He’s traveled to the secret vampire realm of Dacia. Once you’ve entered Dacia, you are not permitted to leave. But of course Caspion has disregarded the rules once again, and has left Dacia. And now he has an assassin after him.

And that assassin is Trehan Daciano. A prince of Dacia. A 900 year old vampire assassin. He is cold and calculating, an efficient, killing machine. Until he sneaks into her spire (something draws him to her) and beholds Bettina. His bride. And then he knows he cannot be without her. But he has to kill Caspion for the safety of Dacia, something his besotted young bride would not forgive him for. So, Dacia? Or Bettina? He decides to enter the tournament to win her.

Caspion decides to enter the tournament to buy safety for himself for the duration of the tournament. Little does he know, his assassin has entered too.

Ugh. Bettina cares about the outcome of two of the contestants, but only one can win. Will it be her handsome best friend who she is besotted with? Or the devoted and devastatingly handsome vampire who makes her blush?

I liked this novel. It’s very much like her other IAD novels. But it was kinda predictable, and the outcome was pretty clear from the get go. The character of Salem reminded me a little of Billy from Karen Chance’s Cassandra Palmer Series and Volusian from Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan Series. I liked the little appearances of other IAD characters like Nix, Lothaire and Sabine. It didn’t really feel like a spin-off at all to me, it fit in pretty well with the rest of the Immortals After Dark Series. I’m looking forward to the next IAD book, apparently titled “Macrieve” and due to be released mid 2013, looks like another Lykae novel then.


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This is a review of “Lothaire” by Kresley Cole. It is the 10th novel (and the most recent one) in The Immortals After Dark Series. It follows on from “Dreams of a Dark Warrior“.

Lothaire, the Enemy of Old prides himself on being the most evil vampire in The Lore. He is cunning and exacting and won’t do anything for free. If he does anything for you, expect to go in his ledger of debts. Lothaire has no friends, plenty of enemies and his motto is: “If you’re not with me, then you’re against me”.

Elizabeth Pierce is a mortal. But she’s a mortal with a twist. Ellie plays host to an evil vampiric goddess (think The Exorcist) named Saroya. Saroya loves nothing more than killing and carnage, while Ellie just wants to go to college and help look after her family. Poor lovable Ellie is punished for Saroya’s crimes (countless murdered men) and is sent to prison where she is on death row.

Lothaire believes that Saroya is his mate, his Bride and rescues Ellie (the host, the body) from lethal injection. While Ellie is trapped (again…sigh) in a grand New York apartment, Saroya and Lothaire work on their plan to force Ellie’s soul from her body, leaving it free to be taken over by Saroya. But could the lowly mortal Ellie actually be Lothaire’s intended?

What choice does Ellie have but to try and seduce Lothaire? She has no other hope of survival. And who is the better woman for Lothaire? Will Saroya ever let Ellie be free again? And will poor Ellie ever escape imprisonment?

A very good book! I must say, Kresely Cole’s books just keep getting better and better as The Immortals After Dark Series progresses. This book is full of heart wrenching prose, and Ellie is a heroine that every girl can identify with. Full of laughs and poignancy this really is a well-rounded book. I found it to be un-put-downable, which was good because I had insomnia last night and didn’t sleep until around 5am. Loved it!


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Deep Kiss of Winter

This is a review of “Deep Kiss of Winter” by Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter.

It consists of two novellas. The first is “Untouchable” by Kresley Cole, which belongs to The Immortals After Dark Series. And the second is “Tempt Me Eternally” by Gena Showalter which belongs to the Alien Huntress Series.

I have already reviewed “Untouchable“.

“Tempt Me Eternally” is a novella about Aleaha Love, a sassy female who can change her appearance to look like anyone she’s ever seen or come into contact with. At the moment she is masquerading as Macy, an agent in an elite force on Earth (in the future) that deals with Otherworlders (aliens). She is on her first big mission when she encounters Breean.

Breean is an incredibly sexy alien who has the ability to spirt walk and enter the body of another being and control their actions. He is strong and capable and searching for a safe home for himself and his men, who have escaped a devastating plague on their own home planet. He and his men capture Aleaha and the other agents, intending to trade for safe passage.

But can Aleaha maintain her cover as Macy? And can she resist Breean?

An entertaining read.


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This is a review of “Untouchable” by Kresley Cole. It is a novella in The Immortals After Dark Series and is found in the book “Deep Kiss of Winter”. It is meant to be read after “Kiss of a Demon King” and before “Pleasure of a Dark Prince“. It provides some back story to “A Warlord Wants Forever“.

Daniela is part Ice Fey, part Valkyrie. She must maintain her body temperature so that she stays cold at all times. She finds any skin-to-skin contact unbearable, as it burns her. She has spent her long life lonely, and yearning to be held and loved.

Murdoch Wroth is a vampire and forbearer (he refuses to drink blood directly from another living being). When he was a human prince, he had quite a reputation for being a ladies man. He was definitely a “love em and leave em” type of guy. He sees Daniela and is blooded by her. He is none too happy about it. He doesn’t really want to be in a relationship, and how can you be in a relationship with someone you can’t even touch?

Will Daniela and Murdoch be able to work something out? Or will they both be forever wanting something they can’t have?

A delightful read, about making things work, even when it seems impossible.


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The Warlord Wants Forever

This is a review of “The Warlord Wants Forever” by Kresley Cole. It is a novella found in the book “Playing Easy to Get”. It is the first novella in The Immortals After Dark Series. It takes place before the events recounted in “A Hunger Like No Other“.

Myst the Coveted is a Valkyrie. She is a seductress and quite good at it. Around her waist she wears a chain. This chain will give any who can break it power over her. She will have to obey their every command. It is a punishment laid down upon her for being too wanton. So far it has been found to be fairly invulnerable. Trapped in the dungeons of Ivo the Cruel, she catches her first glimpse of warrior Nikolai Wroth.

Nikolai Wroth is a warrior and warlord. He is a vampire, but a forbearer. He refuses to drink blood directly from the source. He and his people believe that to do this constitutes a great evil and eventually the drinker would succumb to madness. He finds Myst in the dungeon and intends to extract information from her about The Lore. But then he is blooded by Myst, and she leaves him wanting…

A great little story about learning to trust one another.


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Dreams of a Dark Warrior

This is a review of “Dreams of a Dark Warrior” by Kresley Cole. It is the 9th novel in The Immortals After Dark Series. It follows on from “Demon From the Dark“.

Long ago, Regin and Aidan were together. Valkyrie and Berserker warrior. Aidan perished. But every couple hundred years he is reincarnated and is united with Regin once more. Until his life is taken by a curse…

Regin the Radiant is a Valkyrie with glowing skin. She is a brilliant fighter, can influence lightning with her emotions, and has a personality as bright as her skin and as loud as her voice. Brash and tactless, she often gets on her sisters’ nerves and can be a little embarrassing to be around. Regin has always been a handful.

Declan Chase is a dark soldier. He belongs to The Order, a mysterious organization of mortals whose sole purpose is to eliminate all immortals and creatures of The Lore. He is cold, emotionless and hooked on drugs. A burning hatred lives inside him, stoked to life the day his family was tortured and murdered, the day he barely escaped with his own life.

Regin is captured by Declan. Declan does not know that he is Aidan reincarnated, but he knows that he is inexplicably drawn to Regin, a female of a species he abhors. Regin knows that the only way that she can save herself and her friends from certain torture and possible death, is to make Declan remember that he is also Aidan. But how can she achieve this? And can she do it in time?

A really good book. This is probably my favourite book of the series. It had more substance. The hero was far from perfect, and I liked that. He was a battered, tortured soul who had no real hope of redemption. And the heroine was just as imperfect. Loud and foul-mouthed, Regin is likable but is also a bit grating. Which I enjoyed. It made her seem real. Full of other richly fleshed-out characters, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel.


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Demon From the Dark

This is review of “Demon From the Dark” by Kresley Cole. It is the 8th novel in The Immortals After Dark Series. It follows on from “Pleasure of a Dark Prince“.

Carrow Graie is a witch. A sexy, party-girl witch. She is captured after a night of revelry, and wakes up in a cell with a collar around her neck that prevents her from calling forth her powers. She soon learns that she has been taken captive by a mysterious organisation of human immortal-haters known only as “The Order”. They want her to procure something for them…

Malkom Slaine is a scarba. A demon turned vampire. He is fearsome, and trusts no one. After a few centuries of loneliness and constantly being let down by those closest to him, he lives by his own code: “those who betray me, only do it once”. He lives on a demon plane, a land named Oblivion.

It is Carrow’s mission to lure Malkom to be trapped by The Order. If she does not comply, they have threatened to kill a young witch-child in her care. They have promised to let her and the child leave if she brings Malkom to them. And so Carrow journeys to Oblivion.

But Malkom is not at all like she imagined. Even though they do not speak the same language, Carrow finds that he is sweet and thoughtful beneath his rough exterior. She finds herself falling for him even as she knows she must betray him. But can he ever forgive her?

I really enjoyed this book! The male lead was not dashing and debonair, instead he was unsure of himself. It was the woman who did the betraying, and the man who did the forgiving, which was a nice turnabout in a romance novel.


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