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Letters From the Inside

This is a review of the novel “Letters From the Inside” by John Marsden.

Tracey and Mandy become pen pals. They’re around the same age, they’ve both got a brother (Mandy’s is a creep, Tracey’s is nice) and a sister, they’ve both got pets and they’ve both got secrets. Some of their secrets are bigger than others.

Watching their relationship blossom through their letters is wonderful. The reader learns about Tracey’s basketball team and amazing boyfriend, and about Mandy’s friends and creep of a brother. But some things aren’t adding up. Like why does it take so long for Mandy to receive Tracey’s letters after she posts them?

I really liked this novel. It’s deep for a teenage/young adult novel, but it has realness to it (like a lot of Marsden’s work) and it is emotional and intriguing. And the ending! (All I will say about that).


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Take My Word For It

This is a review of the novel “Take My Word For It” by John Marsden. It is written from the perspective of Lisa, who is also a character in Marsden’s “So Much to Tell You“. This novel is written alongside the events described in “So Much to Tell You” and continues on a bit further than where the story ends in “So Much to Tell You“.

Lisa is also writing her journal as part of her English homework. She shares a dorm with the silent Marina. Through her writing you glean more about the other girls and about Lisa herself, who, though quite confident and outgoing, is very reserved and closed off about her feelings.

The reader learns about Lisa’s family, her parent’s break up and about how this has affected her.

It was interesting to see Marina from another’s perspective, and it was nice to learn more about Lisa, but I didn’t like “Take My Word For It” as much as I liked “So Much to Tell You” or Marsden’s other novels.


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So Much to Tell You

This is a review of the novel “So Much to Tell You” by John Marsden. It is a book written for teenagers/young adults. I first read this novel at school, a teenager myself, but that was a long while ago, and I wanted to read it again.

It is written from the perspective of young girl sent to boarding school. But she is not your average girl. She is non-verbal, and has not spoken one word in over a year. She continues on at school in silence, but writes in a journal every night as part of her English homework.

It is obvious that she has sustained injuries from familial violence, but Marsden never baldly states this, and the reader is left to glean this from what’s written in the journal entries. This book follows her journey and progress and chronicles her relationship with the girls in her dormitory.

This book is deep, touching, intriguing and compelling. I really liked it as a teen, and even more now as an adult.


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