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Succubus Revealed

This is a review of “Succubus Revealed” by Richelle Mead. It is the sixth and final book in the Georgina Kincaid Series. It follows on from “Succubus Shadows“.

It goes without saying that this review will most probably reveal details of the previous novel/s in this series. You have been forewarned.

Seth and Georgina are back together. But even this joyous happening is marred. Georgina has had to quit her job at her beloved bookstore, as all there regard her as a scarlet woman, a home wrecker. So she’s moonlighting as a Christmas Elf at the mall. Not an ideal profession, but it helps to pass the time.

Seth’s sister in law Andrea, is very sick. He’s been helping out a lot and putting himself and his writing second. Georgina wishes she could do more to help Seth and his brother and nieces. And then Seth’s mother and his hipster brother Ian show up.

But something about Seth has been niggling away at Georgina. He called her Letha. And no one has mentioned her true name in front of him. She knows she hasn’t, and all of her friends swear they haven’t told him either.

And then Georgina finds a note from Hell HQ. She’s being transferred in 30days. She’s surprised to say the very least. She’s been given pretty much no warning at all. What will it mean for her and Seth? He can’t really leave with Andrea so sick. The whole thing seems kinda fishy to Georgina, and Roman seems to agree. But by delving into the matter will they unwittingly unravel more than they bargained for?

I really liked this one! It wrapped up everything so well. I enjoyed the Seth revelation, and the entire resolution. Roman’s part to play was bittersweet and Carter’s vocation was cool.


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Succubus Shadows

This is a review of “Succubus Shadows” by Richelle Mead. It is the fifth book in the Georgina Kincaid Series. It follows on from “Succubus Heat“.

It goes without saying that this review will most probably reveal details of the previous novel/s in this series. You have been forewarned.

Georgina and Seth are still trying to move on from their forbidden week together. But Seth’s soul has been blackened from the guilt of cheating in and lying to Maddie, and there’s no denying that he and Georgina both still want one another. Even though it was Georgina this time that ended things, her heart still well and truly belongs to Seth.

Roman has moved in with Georgina after helping her locate Jerome and negotiating with him a deal that allows him to remain alive in Seattle so long as he does not reveal that he is a nephilim to anyone. Georgina isn’t exactly thrilled about having him as a room mate, but it is preferable to his former stance on killing her painfully. And it’s not so bad sometimes to have company to talk to.

Seth has proposed to Maddie in his guilt. And while this breaks Georgina’s heart, Maddie is (of course) oblivious, and asks Georgina to be her bridesmaid and to help with the dress shopping. Could there be anything worse?

So Georgina has suffered some pretty low moods. And even stranger, when she’s down she’s been hearing a sort of siren call, a compulsion to go somewhere to escape her heartache. After a particularly confusing night with Roman, Georgina gives into the compulsion and…disappears.

A distressed Roman urges the other immortals to help him find her. Poor Georgina is trapped, forced to dream over and over, false dreams and true dreams; usually of the worst times in her long life. Can Georgina be saved?

I really liked this one! It had a good storyline and I liked finding out more a out Georgina’s life. The whole Seth/Georgina thing is getting a bit old. I wish she would just move on with Roman. I am eager to read the next, as there were a few loose ends.


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Succubus Heat

This is a review of “Succubus Heat” by Richelle Mead. It is the fourth book in the Georgina Kincaid Series. It follows on from “Succubus Dreams“.

It goes without saying that this review will most probably reveal details of the previous novel/s in this series. You have been forewarned.

Georgina is angry at the world. Especially at Seth Mortenson, her ex-boyfriend. He’s left her (he says to prevent her further pain), but it’s not exactly painless seeing him with their friend Maddie, who had no knowledge of Seth and Georgina’s secret relationship. Georgina has become a snarkier, nastier version of herself, and Jerome is getting sick of her attitude. He decides to send her on a mission to Vancouver (yes Canada!) as punishment.

Georgina finds herself caught between Jerome and Cedric, the arch demon in Vancouver. They have just finished scuffling over property lines, but don’t entirely trust one another. Cedric is in need of a succubus to infiltrate and disband a group of embarrassing Satanists that are affecting his reputation. Jerome wishes her to go as a sign of good faith, but also to spy on his nemesis.

Since her breakup with Seth, Georgina has been dating Dante, psychic and fraud. Dante’s soul is so black that Georgina holds no such qualms that she did in regards to sex and soul stealing. Dante is no Seth, but it is nice to have sex with someone she cares about on a regular basis. And no matter how jaded and bad Dante appears to be, he’s been shing Georgina a sweet side lately, buying her gifts.

But then Jerome goes missing. And when he disappeared, so too did the abilities of Georgina and the other evil lesser immortals. She can no longer shapeshift, Cody and Peter can go out into sunlight and Hugh can no longer see souls. Georgina doesn’t need to feed off of the life force of men, which means she can have sex without any effect. What will this mean for her and Seth?

Can Georgina find Jerome? Will she want to? Who has taken him?

I liked this one. It was a good mystery, and the disappearance of Georgina’s succubus abilities brought with it a lot of complications. An old character made a reappearance and I liked the new characters that were introduced.


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Succubus On Top

This is a review of “Succubus On Top” by Richelle Mead. It is the second book in the Georgina Kincaid Series. It follows on from “Succubus Blues“.

It goes without saying that this review will most probably reveal details of the previous novel in this series. You have been forewarned.

Georgina is attempting to have a relationship with author Seth Mortenson. Things are going well. They enjoy each others company immensely. The only thing not going their way is the whole georgina-is-a-succubus-so-sex-between-them-will-drain-seth’s-lifeforce thing. They’re keeping it low key. But the immortal gang is in on the secret and they love to rib Georgina about the ridiculousness that is her relationship.

It is during one such get together (and Georgina ribbing session) that Bastien shows up. Bastien is one of Georgina’s oldest friends. He is an incubus. He’s in Seattle on a mission. He must corrupt, seduce and publicly shame Dana Dailey, a ‘religious’ leader and radio host. Georgina abhors Dana and the intolerance she advocates over the radio toward homosexuality, unwed mothers, divorcées and scantily clad women. So when Bastien asks for her help, she agrees to shapeshift and visit him frequently as his sister Tabitha.

Things at the bookstore are getting a little busy. Both managers Paige and Warren are away. Paige due to her advancing (and complicated) pregnancy and Warren has taken a holiday. So it’s up to Georgina to pick up some of the slack. It’s also up to her to pull Doug up on his erratic and jerky behaviour. What’s gotten into Doug? He’s always been great, but lately if he’s not manic and grandiose he’s depressed and snarky. Georgina is worried. It could be due to his band’s recent success, but what if he’s taking something? And could it be linked to his sleazy drummer and a mysterious immortal she’s glimpsed at the recent gigs?

Can Seth and Georgina make it work despite their bedroom issues? Will Bastien bring about the downfall of Dana Dailey? And what’s going on with Doug?!

I liked this book. It seemed a little slower in parts than the first, but it was still enjoyable to read.


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Succubus Blues

This is a review of “Succubus Blues” by Richelle Mead. It is the first novel in the Georgina Kincaid Series.

I first read this book a while ago, but I did not have the rest of the series. Now I do, so I re-read this one before I read on.

Georgina works in a bookstore by day, but by night she’s a succubus. (Well the day/night thing doesn’t matter so much, but it sounded so cool, like she’s Sailor Moon or something, I could not resist. Anyway I digress…) She seduces men and takes some of their life force. She’s immortal and she can shapeshift, including her clothing (which is pretty nifty!).

But Georgina is not your ordinary succubus. She only feeds on scumbags and lowlifes as a rule. She’d be better fed if she seduced a good man, but Georgina doesn’t think it’s fair of her to do so.

At her day job she gets to meet her all time favourite author, and manages to make a pretty embarrassing first impression. Seth Mortenson is nothing like she had imagined. But he is intriguing all the same. And so is Roman. A sexy guy she meets at the store who saves her from embarrassment by pretending he has a date with her.

In the underworld, immortals are being attacked. First her vampire arch nemesis, then her friend. What’s going on? And who is doing this to the immortals? Is it a vampire hunter? Or something else? And can Georgina keep her distance from the attractive mortals?

I always enjoy Mead’s work. She is an entertaining writer and it’s easy to keep reading her books. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series now that I own it.


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