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Artemis Fowl

This is a review of the novel “Artemis Fowl” by Eoin Colfer. It is the first book in the Artemis Fowl Series.

Artemis Fowl the second is a twelve year old genius. He’s ruthless and he’s taking over the family crime business. His father went missing in Russian waters two years previously, and while Artemis has not given up looking for him, he’s accepted that he is the man of the house now. Artemis is looking for ways to keep the infamous Fowl family rolling in the riches while still being able to fund search and rescue efforts to locate his father.

While browsing the internet, Artemis happens along some info that most humans don’t often see or take notice of if they do. Artemis has reason to believe that fairykind not only exists, but like folklore suggests, they’re fond of money and do have access to gold. Artemis concocts a plan to kidnap one of the fairy folk in order to extract a ransom. But the leprechauns aren’t exactly what humans have perceived them to be.

No green stockings and be-buckled shoes for elf LEP-Recon Captain Holly Short. Captain Short is a member of the elite reconnaissance force, for the Lower Elements Police. Fairy kind were forced many many years ago to migrate to and live in the Earth’s core. They do not want their last refuge to be discovered and ruined by the humans. Holly is just finishing up a Recon mission on the surface when she unwillingly becomes Artemis’ hostage. Holly doesn’t intend to just lie down and give up though. Artemis is in for more than he bargained for…

I first read this novel as a teen, and really enjoyed it. As an adult, I found it to be just as entertaining. It’s fast paced, clever, witty, funny and techie. I love the strength of Holly’s character. Colfer inserts commentary about society, particularly the wastefulness and environmentally damaging nature of humans. I really enjoyed re-reading “Artemis Fowl” and I look forward to re-reading the rest of the series.


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