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Kiss The Dead

This is a review of “Hit List” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 21st book in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Kiss The Dead” follows on from “Beauty” and “Hit List“.

Anita is working in her capacity as a US Marshal and Vampire Hunter. She’s so good at her job, the vampires call her The Executioner. Her kill count is higher than anyone else’s. A fifteen year old girl has been abducted by a group of vampires. Anita and the other police have to find her before it is too late.

But when they arrive at the scene, two officers are down. Once the girl has been secured (and a few bad guys have been taken care of), Anita sees that these vampires don’t look like your average vampire. They look too young, or too old. They look like your average kid, or grandmother. And what’s more they appear to be “masterless”, and believe that they have a right to be free. Free from the control of any master, and to be treated as equals to humans in the eye of the law.

But the dead officers can’t be overlooked. Or the girl’s abduction. And why would anyone want to spend eternity as an awkward teen? Or skinny grandparent? Anita is not too sure why anyone would choose such a fate. But she knows there is more of them, who are probably more dangerous. It’s up to her and the other men and women of the law to to find them before it is too late.

And Anita’s personal life is just as complicated as it ever is. Asher’s tantrums are getting out of control, and her very young lover Cynric (Sin), is learning that its hard to love someone who is in as much danger as Anita always seems to be.

This book was pretty good. It started off great. Police work and crime noir. Just as I like it. Still too many sex scenes with too many partners for me. Am pretty over Anita writhing and screaming all over the place. Anita claims she is happier than she has ever been, but there always seems to be someone having a big whinge. And it’s amazing how many polyamorous people live in St Louis. I have never even met one before. Not that I have anything against polygamy, it’s just pretty unrealistic that Anita has so many poly-ok lovers. But like I have said before, vampires and lycanthropes don’t exist either, so why am I bitching?


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This is a review of “Beauty” by Laurell K. Hamilton, it is an “Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Sexy Outtake”. It was an e-special (to my knowledge, only available on its own as an ebook, however the back cover of my copy of “Kiss The Dead” reads: includes bonus chapter BEAUTY, an Anita Blake Sexy Outtake, previously available as an ebook). Chronologically it occurs after “Hit List” but before “Kiss The Dead”.

For some reason I had assumed it was going to be an Anita Blake short story. But seriously, “sexy outtake” should have clued me in. Basically, it’s just an Anita Blake sex scene. Enough said



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Hit List

This is a review of “Hit List” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 20th book in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Hit List” follows on from “Bullet“.

Anita is away from home doing some police work in her capacity as a US Marshal (Preternatural Branch). She’s missing her sweeties, but she knows that what she is doing is important. She’s investigating a string of murders with the help of Edward, alias US Marshal Ted Forrester. Were Tigers (victims of accidents, not born into a clan) are being killed and left in pieces.

Their case is more annoying than usual, because they know who the perpetrators are. But they can’t tell anyone about them, because it means death for anyone who utters their name. It’s The Harlequin. Anita and Edward hope that they can solve this case not only so they can get rid of the bad guys for good (and their puppeteer and master the Mother of All Darkness), but so they can go home to their loved ones.

They know who they’re looking for, but they don’t know where to look. They’ve also got to cooperate with yet another cop (a regular Marshal) who hates Anita and some newbie Preternatural Marshals. Edward and Anita don’t really have much room to do things the way they want to do them. Anita is attacked in her hotel room by one of The Harlequin, a shapeshifter. Her newbie roomie Marshal Karlton is badly injured (and it’s possible she will be furry once a month from now on). The warrant is passed on to the other newbie. *sigh*

Anita and Edward decide to go to the local were tiger clan to gather some info and so that Anita can feed her ardeur on her red tiger to call, Alex. Whilst they are there Anita is attacked by yet another undercover Harlequin. And then it’s on to another crime scene, which turns out to be a trap. They narrowly escape, and after they hold a fruitless hunt, Anita must go to the hospital to get her injured arm fixed up. She’s out of it for 24hours, and she adds another tiger to her list of honeys, Ethan. The ardeur is fed. Phew.

The other newbie has been injured, so now the warrant is Edwards. Yay. Edward calls in back up (his usual) Bernardo and Olaf. And Anita deputises some of her shape shifting guards to help with the tracking.

Can they find and destroy the Harlequin and the MOAD? Will Anita and Edward get to return home safe to their sweeties? What’s Anita going to do with yet another man? Will Olaf be his usual creepy self?

I liked this one better than “Bullet“. It started off great. I love Edward, so I was happy to see him. I also love Olaf because he give me the creeps. I enjoyed the minimal sex, but disliked the fact that she’s collected another guy (even though he seems nice enough). I would have liked more impact from the final confrontation between MOAD and Anita. But all in all, I liked it.


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Skin Trade

This is a review of “Skin Trade” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 17th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Skin Trade” follows on from “Blood Noir“.

Anita is at her Animators Inc office when she receives a package. And it’s no ordinary package. It’s a human head. Sent from Las Vegas. Anita calls the authorities of Sin City to make them aware, but it seems as though they were expecting a call. A local serial killer has left her a message in the blood of his victims. Just great.

Anita has dealt with this guy before in St Louis. He likes to kill strippers, and he’s a vampire that goes by the name Vittorio. It seems although he’s upped the ante in Las Vegas. Several police officers and the local vampire executioner have been murdered preternaturally. Anita knows she’s gotta help catch this guy before he kills again. So she slips away from St Louis while Jean Claude is the dead to the world in his day sleep.

But she won’t be alone, Edward aka “Death” aka Ted Forrester will be there in his capacity as vampire executioner and Federal Marshal. So too, will serial killer and government spook Olaf aka Federal Marshal Otto Jeffries and Federal Marshal Bernardo Spotted-Horse. And her newest animal to call, weretiger Crispin, lives in Vegas, handy if she needs a snack for the ardeur.

Vegas is different to St Louis. They have their own psychics and magic practitioners on their SWAT team, and the Master Vampire of the City is an old time mob boss, his wife Queen of the White Were Tiger Clan.

Can Anita catch the sicko who mailed her the head? Can she work a police case without any horrible metaphysical stuff going down? Can she avoid Olaf and his crush and creepy advances? Can she steer clear of Marmee Noir and her need to call were tigers of all colours? And will she make it home to Jean Claude and all of her other sweeties?

I liked this one. Finally Anita is more like she used to be. Helping police to solve crimes, attending preternatural murder scenes and solving mysteries. I always enjoy having Edward in the mix, and Olaf makes things … interesting. There was still some sex, but mostly, Anita is back to the way I like her.


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Incubus Dreams

This is a review of “Incubus Dreams” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 12th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Incubus Dreams” follows on from “Cerulean Sins“.

While at work at Animators Inc, Anita meets with Barbara and Steve Brown. The couple wish to have their son raised, but Anita refuses on the grounds that he was murdered (murdered people when raised as zombies, go after their murderer). She does however, agree to assist in the investigation.

Anita continues to struggle with the metaphysical problems caused by her recent increase in power. The unpredictable spikes in power are not only messing with her, but with Jean Claude and Richard too.

Vampire politics are getting tricky too. Local religious vampire leader, Malcom has not been making his vampires take blood oaths, so his followers are essentially unbound and dangerous. They cannot be restrainedby Malcom.

Anita faces more problems as the ardeur becomes more and more ardent. She’s having a lot of related personal problems as a result. Not only is the ardeur affecting her personal relationships, but she is beginning to face prejudice and distrust from her professional colleagues, who are of the opinion that she spends too much time with the monsters.

There also appears to be a string of murders committed by vampires that focuson strippers or strip club patrons.

Can she help the Browns find closure? Can she control her newfound powers a little better? What’s going to happen with Malcom and his unbound cult? Will her relationship problems be resolved? And who is murdering strippers? Why?

Again, I liked this book but Anita’s love life is becoming pretty ridiculous. She’s not being fair, and come on. She has like 5 boyfriends now. What the?


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Cerulean Sins

This is a review of “Cerulean Sins” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 11th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Cerulean Sins” follows on from “Narcissus in Chains“.

Anita has attracted the attention of one Leo Harlan, a professional assassin who wants to employ Anita to animate one of his ancestors. But is that all he wants? Anita is also followed by two mercenaries, whom she arrests using her status as a Federal Marshall.

Jean Claude is surprised by a visit from Musette, and her entourage, all representatives of Belle Morte, founder of Jean Claude’s blood line, and vampire council member. Their motives for the visit remain to be seen.

Anita learns of a series of shockingly brutal rapes and murders, whom she believes to be committed by a shapeshifting serial killer. However, her relationship with Dolph is continuing to deteriorate and Anita finds it difficult to get any cooperation from the police.

What do Leo and the mysterious mercenaries want? And why has Belle Mort sent a delegation to St Louis? Will Jean Claude and Anita be safe? And what of Asher? And where do the murder and rapes come in? Who is responsible for those?

While not one of my favourite Anita Blake novels, this book wasn’t too bad.


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Narcissus in Chains

This is a review of “Narcissus in Chains” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 10th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Narcissus in Chains” follows on from “Obsidian Butterfly“.

Anita has been taking some off and away from her two lovers Jean-Claude and Richard. She is now ready to reconnect. But after Jean Claude does something that he calls “marrying the marks” Anita encounters some problems. For one she seems to have inherited Jean Claude’s ardeur. It’s cool in that she can draw energy from lust, but it’s bad in that it has to be “fed” sometimes multiple times a day. For two, she seems to have irrevocably linked herself to Damian by raising him from his true death, and whenever she is too far from him, he turns into a revenant.

Richard is attempting to turn his pack into a democracy, but anyone and everyone can see that that is just not going to work. Newcomers sense this “weakness” in Richard and plot to take the Thronos Rokke clan for their own.

Micah, an alpha wereleopard arrives in town. Anita finds herself inexplicably attracted to Micah. There’s also a new group of shapeshifters in town. They’re violent and looking for trouble. And it just so happens that the leaders of various were groups in town have been found to be missing.

Can Anita learn to live with the ardeur? What’s she going to do about Richard and his apparent death wish? What’s the deal with Micah? And what has happened to the local weres and shapeshifters?

This book was ok, but for me it marks the beginning of where this series turns into more of an erotica series than a paranormal/horror/mystery series. I gotta say, I’m not a huge fan. It becomes very unrealistic and I can’t understand why all these men are ok with Anita being so… well… slutty. Yeah, yeah I understand the in’s and outs (lol) of the ardeur, and I know she’s gotta get her freak on. And I am not judging (well ok, maybe a little). It’s just that her ideals/ethics/morals seemed to have completely flipped from the first few novels, where she vowed not to have sex again before marriage. I am also not saying it’s wrong for her to enjoy being with lots of different men, and loving sex. But seriously? I know a fair few men, and in my experience they’re very jealous creatures. Even the gentle ones ain’t that likely to agree to having a girlfriend with a variety of boyfriends.

Ok, ok, I know it’s all fiction, and come on, vampires and werewolves aren’t real either, but I find them more believable than the patience and understanding of Anita’s “boyfriends”.

That’s just what I think.


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Obsidian Butterfly

This is a review of “Obsidian Butterfly” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 9th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Obsidian Butterfly” follows on from “Blue Moon“.

Back in “The Killing Dance” Edward extracted a favour from Anita. In the “Obsidian Butterfly” he’s calling it in.

Edward is in need of Anita’s assistance in solving the mystery surrounding a set of seemingly supernatural attacks. Numerous victims have died, and many survivors remain, very seriously injured. Their injuries are most repulsive and abhorrent, and Edward is at his wits end trying to figure it all out.

So Anita travels to New Mexico to repay the favour. Anita learns much more about Edward on this trip, and ” meets” his alter ego Ted Forrester. Ted is very different to Edward. Ted, to Anita’s surprise and dismay, even has a fiancé. Donna is her name and she has two children. Anita is none too happy about this, as she believes she knows the “real” Edward. And Edward in her opinion is not marriage or step-daddy material.

Edward has also gotten help from two of his “associates” Bernardo and Olaf. Bernardo is a womanizing native American, and Olaf is a German who is as creepy as hell.

There is a number of suspects for this case. Is it local master vampire, Aztec vampire Itzpapalotl who believes she is a goddess? Or local Ulfric Roland and his vargamour/necromacer Nicky Baco?

Can Anita help Edward figure out the mystery?

I really liked this novel. It’s quite long compared to some of the previous Anita Blake novels. It’s also different because it’s mostly about Edward, who is usually a mysterious sideline character. It’s one of my favorite novels in this series. I loved finding out more about Edward (I *heart* Edward), and Olaf is oh so creepy. It was also fun to see Anita away from her romantic distractions.


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Burnt Offerings

This is a review of “Burnt Offerings” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 7th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Burnt Offerings” follows on from “The Killing Dance“.

Anita is a busy girl. She’s not only an animator and a preternatural expert for the local police, but human servant and lover to the Master Vampire of the city, and Lupa to the local werewolf pack.

Fire Captain Pete McKinnon visits Anita at her Animators Inc office to request her help to solve a case with a series of arson incidents. He believes them to be the work of a pyro-kinetic. Anita agrees to lend a hand.

After killing the leader of the local werepanther pard, Anita finds herself in a sticky spot, as they are now without protection and leadership and aren’t doing so well. And really, was it their fault their leader was a psychotic sado-masochistic asshole that needed killing?

The werewolf pack The Thronos Rokke pack, is also in need of some guidance. Their Ulfric is our of town, and Anita is their human Lupa. And it’s not like she knows what to do.

And an incident occurs at a local bar “Burnt Offerings” where a vampire is set on fire by a woman claiming the vamp tried to munch on her without her consent, she claims it was self defense. And this isn’t an isolated incident. Attacks begin to occur, and they’re all targeting vampires and vampire owned businesses.

And probably most frightening of all, the vampire council has sent representatives to jean Claude’s territory, in an attempt to make him take Earthmover’s (a vampire Jean Claude defeated in “The Killing Dance”) place on the council. Jean Claude is caught between a rock and a hard place as he knows he is not strong enough to keep a council seat, but if he does not take a seat it will be seen as a defiance and he will be seen as a threat.

The representatives are creepy for sure. There’s The Traveler, council member able to inhabit the bodies (possess) of any vampire not strong enough to keep him out, The Master of Beasts, council member (his name pretty much speaks for itself), Belle Morte has sent Asher as her representative, Jean Claude’s former lover who now holds nothing but hatred in his heart for Jean Claude and Yvette and Warrick who represent Mort d’Amour.

Can Anita solve the mystery of the fires? Can she help the werepanthers? And appease the werewolves? Who is targeting the local vampires? Can they escape theVampire Council unscathed? And what of Asher? Will he and his hatred destroy Jean Claude?it seems like Jean Claude does not return Asher’s hate… Could Asher be a threat to Anita in another sense?

I liked this book. I loved the council members and the introduction of Asher.


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The Killing Dance

This is a review of “The Killing Dance” by Laurell K. Hamilton. it is the 6th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“The Killing Dance” follows on from “Bloody Bones“.

Anita meets with clients at Animators Inc. Sabin is a centuries old vampire. Abstaining from consuming human blood for a former mortal lover, he is rotting away. His human servant Dominic Dumare, a necromancer, believes that if he and Anita join forces, they can stop the rotting disease from destroying Sabin and his remaining powers. Anita agrees to work with them. Jean Claude is present at this meeting and can’t help but notice the parallels between the relationship of Dumare, Sabin and the unamed lover, and he, Anita and Richard.

Anita goes on a date with Richard, her werewolf boyfriend to her friend Catherine’s house. There they meet Monica and her husband Robert, one of Jean Claude’s vampires. Monica is pregnant to Anita’s surprise. Anita had previously thought it impossible for a vampire of Robert’s age to impregnate a woman. They leave the party when Anita receives a call from her assassin friend Edward. He informs her that he has received a proposal for a contract to kill Anita. He has rejected it, but wants her to be protected until they find out who has ordered the hit.

When Anita arrive back at her home, a gun battle ensues and Richard asks Anita to move in with him to keep her safe. Edward let’s Anita know how much she is worth (dead that is), and that her murder is worth more if she is killed within the next 24 hours. Shortly after, Richard receives a call from Stephen, who is being forced to participate in a Pornographic film against his will by Raina, female leader of the werewolf pack. They arrive to find that they have been baited by the wolves who wish to back Richard into a corner to force him to fight for his position in the pack.

Anita is finding dating Richard and Jean Claude at the same time very difficult. While attending the opening of Jean Claude’s new club, the media out her as Jean Claude’s girlfriend. Edward believes that any assassin wanting to kill Anita will make their move at the opening.

Who wants Anita dead? And why? Can Edward protect ber indefinitely? Can Richard become leader of the pack? And what’s going to happen with Anita and her two beaus?

I liked this book, I was not sure if I enjoyed the ending the first time I read this book, but I think I like it now.


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