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Touch The Dark

This is a review of “Touch The Dark” by Karen Chance. It is book 1 in the Cassandra Palmer Series.

Even though this is the first book in a series, it is also part of a larger series (it ties in with the Dorina Basarab Series). Keep this in mind as you read my reviews for the Cassandra Palmer Series, as I may unintentionally give out spoilers for part of that series.

Cassandra Palmer is a clairvoyant. She’s young. And she’s on the run. From vampires. Mobster vampires. Her parents were killed when she was very young and she was raised by the vamp (Tony) who ordered their hit (she didn’t find this out until she was a teen) as he thought having a Seer on hand might be nifty. She got her revenge by selling him out to the human feds. Which would have been awesome, except he didn’t get caught. So hence, she’s on the run.

All her life Cassie has Seen things; events before they happen, psychic imprints left in places where traumas occurred, that kind of thing. Her visions are never particularly nice. But hey, you can’t control what you See. Oh and she can talk to ghosts. Which is pretty sweet, if you’ve got a helpful ghostly friend. Which Cassie does (kinda). His name is Billy Joe, he’s a card-game cheatin’ cowboy who cheated one too many times. He and Cassie have an understanding. She feeds him energy and he feeds her info.

Cassie’s been doing good lately, she’s got a job, and she’s steered clear of Tony for a few years now. But when she comes across a threatening message left on her computer, she knows she’s got to get moving again. And then everything gets even messier. Cassie finds herself in demand from vamps other than Tony’s boys, including high-ranking Master Vampires from the North American Vampire Senate, and mages of the Dark and Silver Circles. Cassie’s got no idea where to hide, so it seems she’ll have to make some friends and find out why the hell she’s become so popular all of a sudden in the supernatural community.

I really enjoyed this book. There is a rich array of characters, all very interesting and complex. Chance excels at creating a complex world with complex characters. Cassie is a fun heroine. She’s tough and yet she’s innocent. She’s gutsy and she’s thoughtful. I just love her. We see a very different side to Mircea in this series than we do in the Dorina Basarab Series, which is pretty nifty. I enjoyed having Louis Cesare in this novel and I enjoyed getting to know his back story. Billy Joe is a humorous side kick, and I loved being introduced to War Mage, Pritkin.

For more information on the timeline of the Dorina Basarab Series and the Cassandra Palmer Series (and associated short stories) please follow this link. (Found on Karen Chance’s official website).


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