Endless Knight

This is a review of “Endless Knight” by Kresley Cole. It is book 2 in The Arcana Chronicles. It follows on from “Poison Princess“.

This book is a part of a series, the following review will most definitely reveal details of the previous novel. Do not read if you intend to read this series in the future and don’t want to know of any potential plot spoilers.

Life post-apocalypse is tough, just ask Evie and her friends. They survived The Flash, a global cataclysmic flare that flash-evaporated the Earth’s bodies of water and reduced most plant-life to ash. It’s bad enough just trying to survive in general, but these teens have another big problem … they’re Arcana.

Into every Dark Age on Earth, twenty two children are born. Each of these children possess a supernatural power. These are the Arcana. The Arcana must battle it out to the death, there can only be one victor. This victor lives on as an immortal until the next game. The Major Arcana on a deck of Tarot Cards represent each of the twenty two.

Evie is The Empress. She controls plant life and has an arsenal of poison at her disposal. She has already destroyed one Arcana, the twisted Alchemist, Arthur, and The Empress within her is clamouring for more. But Evie doesn’t want to play the game. She’s formed a shaky alliance with a few other Arcana, and she aims to recruit more. So far she has: Matthew- The Fool, Selena-The Moon and Finneas-The Magician. They all want to be rid of Death, he taunts them and has been the Ultimate Victor the last few times around. This means that he’s a serious player and has more knowledge of the game, as he’s able to retain his memories.

On top of all of this, Evie has Jackson to contend with. He’s only just finding out about The Arcana, and his first real glimpse into the whole strangeness was of Evie, gone full Empress. It freaked him out majorly and he’s pissed that she’s kept things from him. Evie can’t really blame him, but she also can’t help but be hurt by his reaction. They’ve definitely got some stuff to work through.

Can they survive all that they must?
~Zombie baggers (liquid seeking deaders)
~Militia Armies
~Cannibals (ugh) and
~Other Arcana who want to play the game

Is everything as it first seems, can they trust anyone? Can they trust each other?

I liked this book very much. It’s been a while since I read “Poison Princess“, so it took me a moment to recall some things but it’s written so well that I was soon immersed in the story again. I loved the raw quality and the intensity of the romance in this novel. So much passion! I also loved being introduced to the different Arcana. I lurvved it when the Cajun spoke. Kresley Cole has such a way with accents! The way she writes the accented dialogue is so artful, I could almost hear the Cajun rolling out of my head and into my ears. I always enjoy the individuality of her characters, their dialogue is so unique to each of them. I was a fan of the surprising turns this novel took, and I was super pleased with the creep factor of some scenes. I really cannot wait for more Arcana, consider me hooked.

Favourite lines/passages:

“You’re acting like we got some kind of choice in this matter. You’re just as screwed as I am–because we’re both too far gone for the other.”
Jackson Deveaux

“Arcana rule number one: trust no one.”


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