The House at Cobb End

This is a review of the John Pritkin short “The House at Cobb End” by Karen Chance. It is a short story belonging to the Cassandra Palmer Series. Chronologically, this novel takes place before the Cassandra Palmer Series even begins, however, due to its content it should be read after “Curse the Dawn“. It is available for (free!) download here, on Karen Chance’s official website.

As this short story is a part of a series, the following review will reveal some details about characters in the other novels of the Cassandra Palmer Series. Do not read if you intend to read this series in the future and don’t want to know of any potential plot spoilers. As this short story is also part of a larger series (it ties in with the Dorina Basarab Series) it may be wise to use caution when reading these reviews on the Cassandra Palmer Series. I may unintentionally give out spoilers for part of that series, though Karen Chance is pretty good at keeping the two story arcs fairly separated.

Pritkin, about to be married, is searching for a house suitable not only for his occupation as a war mage for the Silver Circle, but for his new wife as well. Nothing seems to come even a tiny bit close. That is, until he sees a certain house at Cobb End, and he’s just got to have it.

Chance tells us in her author notes that this story was written in response to a question regarding Pritkin’s house, which we first see in “Curse the Dawn”. But it’s a really nice short. It makes me sad for past Pritkin. But I really liked delving deeper into the mysterious character that is John Pritkin.

For more information on the timeline of the Cassandra Palmer Series and the Dorina Basarab Series (and associated short stories) please follow this link. (Found on Karen Chance’s official website).



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