Claimed By Shadow

This is a review of “Claimed By Shadow” by Karen Chance. It is book 2 in the Cassandra Palmer Series. It follows on from “Touch the Dark“.

As this book is a part of a series, the following review may reveal some details of the previous novel/s. Do not read if you intend to read this series in the future and don’t want to know of any potential plot spoilers. As this book is also part of a larger series (it ties in with the Dorina Basarab Series) it may be wise to use caution when reading these reviews on the Cassandra Palmer Series. I may unintentionally give out spoilers for part of that series, though Karen Chance is pretty good at keeping the two story arcs fairly separated.

Cassie is on the run again. She doesn’t want to be Pythia. She really doesn’t want all that responsibility, especially when she has no idea how to wield the Pythian power properly. The mages don’t want her to be Pythia either. They’ve never before had a Pythia that they haven’t trained themselves, and they’re not at all keen on finding out what it will be like. They want her out of office, permanently. The Vampire Senate only want her to be Pythia so that they can control her, so she will be their “Pet Pythia”. Cassie wants no part in any of it. But she sure as hell doesn’t want the power to go to the crazy and murderous Myra (who was supposed to be next in line for the Pythian title) either.

While Agnes (the previous Pythia) bestowed the Pythian powers onto Cassandra, the transfer won’t be fully completed until Cassie fulfils the Pythian rites. (Erm, and that means when she loses her virginity). And while Cassie is really busy running for her life and trying to locate the treacherous Myra and the fat a-hole Tony (with whom she’s got even more of a major beef with after information was revealed about her father in “Touch the Dark”), she has been feeling a little…attracted to the males around her lately. More than likely, it’s an influence from the Pythian power; the rites clamouring to be completed. Only trouble is, she’s also discovered that a certain Master Vampire beginning with M has placed a geis on her.

Yup. Mircea has whacked a giant metaphysical “Keep Off” sticker onto Cassie. It warns others away from her (sometimes very painfully), and makes her more attracted to Mircea. It’s like a love spell. If the geis is completed, Cassie would most probably be under Mircea’s control. Which would not be a good thing. She’s got to find out how to remove the geis. And she has to find Myra and Tony, who are more than likely both hiding out in Faerie. Additionally, Myra is a bitch. She’s been travelling into the past trying to disrupt it in order to get rid of Cassie. So Cassie’s got to time-travel too to make sure nothing happens to affect the current timeline. It’s safe to say that Cassie is one busy gal.

I enjoyed this one, I loved the tattoos, Mac, and the foray into Faerie. I was happy that Pritkin was back again. There were some sad parts 😦 but there was also a lot of humour. Additionally, this novel also provides some back story to the events leading up to “Midnight’s Daughter”. Again, I love the detail in Chance’s work, the richness of her characters and her world-building skills.

For more information on the timeline of the Cassandra Palmer Series and the Dorina Basarab Series (and associated short stories) please follow this link. (Found on Karen Chance’s official website).


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