This is a review of the novel “Macrieve” by Kresley Cole. It is the 13th installment (there are novellas as well as novels, which makes it a hard one to place) in The Immortals After Dark Series. It follows on from “Lothaire” (and was published after The Dacians: Realm of Blood and Mist (offshoot IAD Series) novel “Shadow’s Claim“.

Long ago, Uilleam MacRieve was subjected to something no young boy (or Lykae for that matter) should ever have to suffer. It’s affected him deeply. He’s had a burning shame and lurking hatred for centuries. He believes he’s broken. His recent capture and torture at the hands of the Order haven’t helped him any. He’s more shattered than ever. Lucky that he has his twin Munro to look after him. To other Lykae he’s known as Head Case. He’s decided he’s not for this world for much longer. He can barely leash his beast, and he’s sick of living for nothing.

Chloe Todd is a soccer superstar. Her dream is to make it to the Olympics, and she’s very, very close. Whenever she’s wanted something, whenever she’s set her heart and sights on a goal, it’s become hers. She’s strong, she’s determined, she’s a fighter. Which is going to come in handy as her dad is none too popular among Loreans. When he evades capture, Chloe is abducted in his place. Gurreat. She’s soon to become the property of the highest bidder at an auction held in her honour. And what’s the dealio with her body and her appetite at the moment? She’s been feeling mighty strange of late.

But MacRieve has found his mate at long last. She’s given him reason to live. A bonny lass, a good, innocent girl. And Chloe’s found a safe harbour in her shitstorm of a life. She’s got no way of fulfilling her Olympic dreams with half of the Lore after her, and her dad has disappeared without a trace. It’s nice to be looked after, made to feel special and safe. But where has her appetite gone? And why does she feel so different?

Can MacRieve bury the pain of his past, before he buries the promise of what is between he and Chloe? Or will he let the ghosts of the past determine his future?

I really liked this IAD novel. It was funny, entertaining and it genuinely surprised me in some parts. I thought I had things figured out and, nope, I didn’t. Which I liked. When I first began reading this series, I was dubious as to whether I could enjoy them. I am not a huge fan of romance. A book has got to have some kind of substance. Not just be wishy washy, predictable or perfect. For me it has got to be “real” in some sense.

And some might think that to be a stupid thing for me to say, as my favourite genres are fantasy or paranormal fiction (you know, “make believe”). But my favourites, they all feel real. They’ve got substance. And I think that’s why I like Kresely Cole’s Immortals After Dark Series. Though the novels are full of fantastic, impossible creatures, they’re also real people. They’ve got problems, hang-ups and issues. They’ve got desires, kinks, and quirks. They’re loveable. They’re also hate-able. Frustrating. These are my guilty pleasure novels. But I won’t call them “trashy romance”, because they’re not. The entire IAD series is interwoven and complex. They’re funny, entertaining and intriguing. The issues, though they’re somewhat hidden in the fantastic nature of the immortals and their stories, are those that people can relate to. I can’t wait for the next one to be published.


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