The Dead Girl’s Dance

This is a review of “The Dead Girl’s Dance” by Rachel Caine. It is book 2 in the Morganville Vampires Series. It follows on from “Glass Houses“.

As this book is a part of a series, the following review may reveal some details of the previous novel. Do not read if you want to read this series in the future and do not want to know of any potential plot spoilers.

Shane’s father is in town. That’s not a good thing. He’s hell bent on hunting some vampires and doing some revenge killing as retribution for his dead daughter and wife. And he wants Shane to help him. Worse, Shane was the one who called him for help and invited him to town (they were in big trouble after all, read: “Glass Houses“). Shane’s dad has also decided that Michael is a vamp, and there is nothing Shane or the girls can say that will change his mind. Which is bad.

Eve’s also got some trouble. Her brother Jason has been released from jail. He was in there for stabbing a girl, and it was Eve’s eye witness account that put him there. He’s creepy and Eve wants nothing to do with him. Luckily for Eve, a couple of detectives have agreed to act as her and Claire’s escort to and from school. Eve’s landed herself a job at the university coffee place.

Claire’s going ok. She’s actually managing to make it to some of her classes, and there’s something developing between herself and Shane. She’s even been invited to an Epsilon Epsilon Kappa party, The Dead Girl’s Dance by a boy at uni. But Shane’s dad is really bad news and he’s dragged Shane into his troubles. A vampire has been found tortured and dead. The other vampires aren’t happy at all. It’s up to Claire and Eve to bail Shane out.

I enjoyed this novel, I think I liked “Glass Houses” a little more, but this book was good too. It was suspenseful, sad, touching and action packed. Again, I really enjoyed the excerpt from Eve’s diary. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series, and I am hoping the post is quick with my book parcels.

Favourite lines/quotes:
– “Your father’s an asshole. It’s not a disease. You don’t have to catch it.”
Michael Glass

-“Hell’s put in a skating rink, this is actually edible, Eve.”
Shane Collins

-“Did I miss a chapter? And are there Cliff’s Notes?”
Claire Danvers

-“How sweet. Romance isn’t dead. Oh, wait. It is.”
Eve Rosser

C: “All right. If I have to be a zombie, I’ll be a zombie.”
E: “Cutest zombie ever!”
Claire Danvers & Eve Rosser

-“I like these girls. I don’t like you. Do the maths. Consider yourselves subtracted.”


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