The Indigo Spell

This is a review of “The Indigo Spell ” by Richelle Mead. It is the third novel in the Bloodlines Series. It follows on from “The Golden Lily“. The Bloodlines Series is a spin-off series from the very popular YA Vampire Academy Series.

As this book is a part of series, the following review may reveal some details of the previous novels. Do not read if you want to read this series in the future and do not want to know of any potential plot spoilers.

Sydney’s still not very keen on using magic. But after employing spells to get herself out of a very sticky situation, she’s decided that she’s being a bit silly about it all. So when her teacher and magic mentor Ms. Terwilliger wakes her up in the middle of the night to enact a scrying spell, Sydney goes along. She also reveals that Sydney is most likely in a great deal of danger and needs protection. It seems there’s a wicked witch after young magic users, and Sydney fits her bill. Sydney promises to keep herself safe and to help Ms. Terwilliger stop her.

Sydney is also still reeling from Adrian’s revelation. He’s told her that he has feelings for her (read “The Golden Lily“). She doesn’t know how she feels about Adrian, but she knows they can’t be together. It’s frowned upon for Moroi and humans to be together, let alone a Moroi and an Alchemist. But Adrian’s not going anywhere, he’s told Sydney that he’ll just go on loving her until she reciprocates. Worse, it seems Sydney is going to have to spend a lot of time with Adrian. First at Sonya and Mikhail’s wedding. And then fulfilling her promise to Ms. Terwilliger. Adrian will go along with Sydney while she warns other young magic users to camouflage her with Spirit.

Sydney’s also found Marcus Finch. She’s located him through the use of the scrying spell shown to her by Ms. Terwilliger. It allows her to find someone she’s never met before. Their first meeting isn’t as smooth as Sydney was first hoping, but she finds out more about him and how and why he left the Alchemists. Does Sydney want to join him in leaving the Alchemists? And what will be the price if she does? Jill, Angeline and Eddie also have some issues they’ve got to sort out. There’s unrequited love/feelings everywhere there.

I really liked “The Indigo Spell”. It feels like Sydney has really grown as a person and as a character. This book was more about her, rather than being all about her doing things and solving problems for the others. I loved the dynamic between her and Adrian in this novel. It also ends on a pretty cool cliffhanger. I am really looking forward to the next novel, “The Fiery Heart” which (very awesomely) comes out this year too in November!


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