This is a review of “Jilted” by Rachael Johns.

I already mentioned in my review of “Man Drought” that I had been keen on reading some of Rachael Johns’ work. Imagine my delight when I discovered that the second book I had won in one of the many Australia Day book giveaways was also one of hers! I won a copy of “Jilted” when I entered Helene Young‘s Australia Day giveaway. Thank-you! I am very grateful!

Ellie Hughes is a star in a popular Australian soap. She lives in Sydney, and life for her is pretty good. But she’s had to return to her hometown in WA to look after her godmother Matilda who has injured herself in a fall. While Ellie doesn’t mind caring for Mat, Hope Junction is the last place she would like to be. Years before she left her husband-to-be literally, standing at the altar (well, outside the church). She had her reasons, but she’s never divulged them, not even to Mat. It’s her biggest secret. She’s sorry for what she’s done, but at the time, she couldn’t see another option for herself.

Flynn Quartermaine is the jilted aforementioned husband-to-be. He’s tried hard over the last decade to erase all reminders and thoughts of Ellie. He’s tried other relationships, but nothing seems to stick. She’s the one that ran away, and he’s never really gotten over it. He went off the rails in a big, bad way after Ellie left him, and he has never really understood why she left in the first place. But he loves his life on the family farm, and he loves his little sister Lucy and his mum. He’s the local farmer that everyone knows, and he’s perve material for the ladies. He’s definitely not thrilled about Ellie’s return to Hope Junction, but he may get some answers. Whether he really wants to hear them or not is another matter.

Can there be a future when the past is such a mess?

I enjoyed this novel. Probably even more than I enjoyed “Man Drought“. It was entertaining, a bit emotional, and intriguing to boot. I read it very quickly because it was easy to read and compelling. There were some laughs and some tears, and a bit of sympathy too. I could really relate to the heartbreak suffered by the characters, and the inexplicable but burning need for closure and answers. Having had a few heartbreaks myself, I felt for the characters. The really sad scene (I don’t want to be over-specific and spoil the novel for others) really resonated with me, as I had a very similar experience with my grandmother. I really enjoyed “Jilted” and I hope to read more of Rachael’s work in the future.



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