This is a review of “Unbroken” by Rachel Caine. It is the fourth and final novel in the Outcast Season Series, which is a spin-off from the Weather Warden Series. It follows on from “Unseen“.

As this book is part of a series, the following review may reveal some details of the previous novel(s). I would suggest that you not read this review if you wish to read this series in the future and do not want to know of any plot spoilers.

Cassiel is still after Pearl. But now she’s got another problem. The Mother (Mother Earth) has woken up. She is in pain and she’s severely pissed. She’s taken over all of the Djinn and now they’re hellbent on destroying the human race. Being human completely blows sometimes! They’ve got to contend with natural disasters, killer Djinn (some who used to be their allies) and plague ridden Djinn, who are spreading sickness and disease.

And Pearl has extended her helping hand to the Wardens. As the Wardens need all the help they can get, they’ve gladly accepted her offer. Cassiel and Luis know how dangerous she is, but no one else wants to listen. They just want to get out of their current mess. So Cassiel is forced to cooperate with Pearl and her damaged children. They’re all pretty frightening, so powerful, but the void children, capable of completely destroying a Djinn are terrifying.

They’re still dealing with Pearl’s damage to Isabel. And Ibby herself (with the help of Es) has decided to transform herself into someone who is more capable. Es is as venomous as usual, but things are going ok. Now all they’ve got to to do is save the world, destroy Pearl, rescue the Djinn and humanity and protect the Mother. No worries.

I liked this book. It ended the series well. I loved the way it joined with the events recounted by Joanne in “Total Eclipse“. It was pretty cool to see Cassiel’s perspective of the same events. It was awesome to think that while Joanne was busy with her mission, Cassiel had one that was just as important. It was also quite cool to see how Cassiel interacted with other characters from the Weather Warden Series, and how they in turn interacted with her. Rahel was entertaining as usual. And so was Rashid with his leather pants. There were some sad parts, but all in all I did like this book a lot. I am looking forward to reading more Rachel Caine in the future. 🙂


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