This is a review of “Unseen” by Rachel Caine. It is the third novel in the Outcast Season Series, which is a spin-off from the Weather Warden Series. It follows on from “Unknown“.

As this book is part of a series, the following review may reveal some details of the previous novel(s). I would suggest that you not read this review if you wish to read this series in the future and do not want to know of any plot spoilers.

Cassiel and Luis have Isabel back with them. But there are some issues with settling back in. Ibby finds it hard to trust Cassiel fully, and she’s also finding it hard to contain her powers and stop using them. Her ability is Fire (with a smattering of Earth power) which is not too great to be out of control with either. And then Luis gets a call from Marion Bearheart, who would like Ibby to attend her boarding school specifically for the abducted Warden children.

Ibby, Cassiel nor Luis are keen on the idea, but it’s probably what’s best for Ibby. Reluctantly, and after a life lesson from Cassiel, Ibby agrees to attend the school. The three of them set off on their journey to Marion and the others. The school is both a hopeful place and a sad place. It’s sad because the children are mostly orphaned and damaged, and hopeful, because they have each other and mentors to help them. Luis wants to stay. It’s obvious their help is needed. But Cassiel knows she must try and defeat Pearl, and to do that she must leave Luis and Ibby. That doesn’t go down very well at all.

Cassiel, in disguise, infiltrates one of Pearl’s compounds. Pearl’s cult is a bizarre place, where strangely enough Cassiel feels content and peaceful. There are gifted children and normal folks, and it seems like everyone has a place. Will Cassiel fulfil her goal of destroying Pearl? Or will she lose herself in the cult? Are Ibby and Luis safe at Marion’s school? Or is there a traitor in their midst?

This was a good novel! It was great having them all back together, and even though it was hard to read, it was good to have a bit of conflict between the characters, especially between Luis and Cassiel. I liked Esmeralda, and Darwin’s little cameo :), and it was really cool seeing a different side to Ashan. I really like the way this novel and this series intertwines with the Weather Warden Series.


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