This is a review of “Undone” by Rachel Caine. It is the first novel in the Outcast Season Series, which is a spin-off from the Weather Warden Series.

Cassiel was a Djinn. Until Ashan cast her out for refusing to his bidding, and bound her to human flesh. A form she has never taken on in all her years of existence. It’s painful, humiliating and highly inconvenient. And what’s more, it appears that she has become dependent upon the Weather Wardens as a source for her power, she is unable to pull any power from the world surrounding her into herself. With a little help from David and Joanne (from the Weather Warden Series), she is paired with an Earth Warden from Albuquerque, New Mexico; a Manny Rocha.

He is a rather average Earth Warden, and his job is not too strenuous or exciting, but he’s her meal ticket, and Cassiel does have a lot to get used to in her new existence as a human. She’s shunned by the other Djinn, and if any do deign to talk her, they’re New Djinn, not like her, an Old ‘True’ Djinn. His family (wife Angela and young daughter, Isabel) welcomes her, and though she doesn’t want to be human at all, she finds her heart being touched by the Rocha family. And then strange things begin happening.

While out on a job, Manny and Cassiel are attacked by an unknown force with Warden or Djinn powers. And then after the arrival of Manny’s younger brother, Luis (first appeared in “Gale Force“) another attack is made on Manny’s work office, when all three of them are there. After Cassiel is attacked on her own while following a lead on who is responsible, it’s clear that all three of them had better watch out.

After a truly devastating attack, Cassiel and Luis are force to track and trail something very precious to the both of them. Can they find the responsible party? Or will they die trying?

I really liked this book. Cassiel is a very cool character. I loved her Martian-ness: the confusion and detachment and discovery involved in her attempts at being human. I liked her haughtiness and lack of modesty or embarrassment. I liked getting to know Luis a little better. There was sadness in this book, but love too. I am enjoying this series immensely so far (I know I have only read the first book) and I think I may even like it better than the Weather Warden Series already! It is definitely worth the read. You do not need to have read the Weather Warden Series to get into this one, but you will have a greater understanding of Weather Wardens and Djinn if you do. And really, who doesn’t love discovering a new series with lots of books to be read and none to wait for?


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