Chill Factor

This is a review of “Chill Factor” by Rachel Caine. It is the third novel in the Weather Warden Series. It follows on from “Heat Stroke“.

As this book is a part of series, the following review may reveal some details of the previous novels. Do not read if you want to read this series in the future and don’t want to know of any plot spoilers.

Joanne is no longer a Djinn. Sara and Patrick gave her back her human form as their parting gift. But Jo is missing being a Djinn. Things just don’t look the same as a human, and all the perks of Djinn-hood are gone; wardrobe manifesting, flying, becoming mist, conjuring up anything and everything. Sigh. And aside the inconvenience of having to go to the bathroom, humans can get hurt.

Which is not so great as she is on a mission to track down Kevin. A homicidal teen first introduced to us in “Heat Stroke“. He’s stolen Lewis’ considerable powers, and now Louis is slowly dying without them. He’s also bound the most powerful Djinn in existence, Jonathan to his service. And he’s really mad at Jo. He believes she betrayed and abandoned him in her last acts as a Djinn. But she was really quite busy, you know? Saving the world…

Anyway, Jo’s been trying over and over to get to Kevin and Jonathan in Las Vegas. But they keep shutting her out in dangerous earthquakey ways. And it seems Kevin doesn’t seem to realise or care that he’s throwing the balance of the Earth out of whack, causing disasters in other places. Jo and David really don’t seem to be getting anywhere, only getting closer to Kevin by tiny little amounts. Baby steps really. And Jo’s refusing to rest properly, so she’s been burning herself out.

When Marion, Lewis and Paul turn up, Jo expects they’ve come to aid her, maybe they’ve got a plan? But they want her to go. They’ll handle the negotiations. Go? As if Jo could do such a thing. But it really seems as though she’s got no choice…

I really liked this one. I liked it better than the first two. I enjoyed the return of a certain Djinn. I liked Jo’s surprise discovery (I am being cryptic I know, but I don’t want to give away too much). I liked the introduction of the Ma’at. One thing I have enjoyed about all the books in this series so far is the little tangents Jo goes off on, that provide backstory about her character, other characters and the plot. I was worried I’d have to begin another novel as book 4 hadn’t turned up by yesterday. But it turned up today which was fantastic! Onwards I read 🙂


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