Ill Wind

This is a review of “Ill Wind” by Rachel Caine. It is the first novel in the Weather Warden Series.

I had the chance to meet Rachel Caine earlier this year. Unfortunately I did not know it at the time. I had not read any of her novels. I can only hope that I get the chance again.

Joanne Baldwin is a Weather Warden. She can manipulate and tame weather, specifically wind and rain. She is a member of the World Council of Weather Wardens, but they’re not too happy with her at present, and she’s on the run. She has created a rather large mess for herself (in self defence of course) and has no idea what to do, so she’s running.

Towards what? She doesn’t quite know. But she hopes that she may be able to find her friend Lewis. The most powerful Weather Warden alive. But there’s a little complication. Lewis is on the run too. To the World Council, he’s the most wanted man on Earth. He’s stolen not one but three bottles of Djinn.

Djinn are rare immortal beings, much like genies. They are assigned to a Weather Warden, and that Warden is the master of the Djinn. They are a unparalleled source of power for a Warden. Each Warden only gets one Djinn per lifetime, and only if they perform with great skill and discipline. There are rules and guidelines for masters of the Djinn and they must be followed.

Of course Lewis has committed a big no no by stealing three Djinn. But Joanne has no one else to run to. There is her friend Star, but Joanne thinks it may be unwise and selfish to bring her problems to her doorstep. Can Joanne save herself? Can she set things right with the World Council?

I liked this book a lot. I like Caine’s writing style, and her characters were vivid. I liked Joanne’s love of cars and fashion, and I loved the direction the plot and story took toward the end of the novel. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this series and some Caine’s other work.


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