Succubus Shadows

This is a review of “Succubus Shadows” by Richelle Mead. It is the fifth book in the Georgina Kincaid Series. It follows on from “Succubus Heat“.

It goes without saying that this review will most probably reveal details of the previous novel/s in this series. You have been forewarned.

Georgina and Seth are still trying to move on from their forbidden week together. But Seth’s soul has been blackened from the guilt of cheating in and lying to Maddie, and there’s no denying that he and Georgina both still want one another. Even though it was Georgina this time that ended things, her heart still well and truly belongs to Seth.

Roman has moved in with Georgina after helping her locate Jerome and negotiating with him a deal that allows him to remain alive in Seattle so long as he does not reveal that he is a nephilim to anyone. Georgina isn’t exactly thrilled about having him as a room mate, but it is preferable to his former stance on killing her painfully. And it’s not so bad sometimes to have company to talk to.

Seth has proposed to Maddie in his guilt. And while this breaks Georgina’s heart, Maddie is (of course) oblivious, and asks Georgina to be her bridesmaid and to help with the dress shopping. Could there be anything worse?

So Georgina has suffered some pretty low moods. And even stranger, when she’s down she’s been hearing a sort of siren call, a compulsion to go somewhere to escape her heartache. After a particularly confusing night with Roman, Georgina gives into the compulsion and…disappears.

A distressed Roman urges the other immortals to help him find her. Poor Georgina is trapped, forced to dream over and over, false dreams and true dreams; usually of the worst times in her long life. Can Georgina be saved?

I really liked this one! It had a good storyline and I liked finding out more a out Georgina’s life. The whole Seth/Georgina thing is getting a bit old. I wish she would just move on with Roman. I am eager to read the next, as there were a few loose ends.


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