Succubus Heat

This is a review of “Succubus Heat” by Richelle Mead. It is the fourth book in the Georgina Kincaid Series. It follows on from “Succubus Dreams“.

It goes without saying that this review will most probably reveal details of the previous novel/s in this series. You have been forewarned.

Georgina is angry at the world. Especially at Seth Mortenson, her ex-boyfriend. He’s left her (he says to prevent her further pain), but it’s not exactly painless seeing him with their friend Maddie, who had no knowledge of Seth and Georgina’s secret relationship. Georgina has become a snarkier, nastier version of herself, and Jerome is getting sick of her attitude. He decides to send her on a mission to Vancouver (yes Canada!) as punishment.

Georgina finds herself caught between Jerome and Cedric, the arch demon in Vancouver. They have just finished scuffling over property lines, but don’t entirely trust one another. Cedric is in need of a succubus to infiltrate and disband a group of embarrassing Satanists that are affecting his reputation. Jerome wishes her to go as a sign of good faith, but also to spy on his nemesis.

Since her breakup with Seth, Georgina has been dating Dante, psychic and fraud. Dante’s soul is so black that Georgina holds no such qualms that she did in regards to sex and soul stealing. Dante is no Seth, but it is nice to have sex with someone she cares about on a regular basis. And no matter how jaded and bad Dante appears to be, he’s been shing Georgina a sweet side lately, buying her gifts.

But then Jerome goes missing. And when he disappeared, so too did the abilities of Georgina and the other evil lesser immortals. She can no longer shapeshift, Cody and Peter can go out into sunlight and Hugh can no longer see souls. Georgina doesn’t need to feed off of the life force of men, which means she can have sex without any effect. What will this mean for her and Seth?

Can Georgina find Jerome? Will she want to? Who has taken him?

I liked this one. It was a good mystery, and the disappearance of Georgina’s succubus abilities brought with it a lot of complications. An old character made a reappearance and I liked the new characters that were introduced.


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