Succubus Blues

This is a review of “Succubus Blues” by Richelle Mead. It is the first novel in the Georgina Kincaid Series.

I first read this book a while ago, but I did not have the rest of the series. Now I do, so I re-read this one before I read on.

Georgina works in a bookstore by day, but by night she’s a succubus. (Well the day/night thing doesn’t matter so much, but it sounded so cool, like she’s Sailor Moon or something, I could not resist. Anyway I digress…) She seduces men and takes some of their life force. She’s immortal and she can shapeshift, including her clothing (which is pretty nifty!).

But Georgina is not your ordinary succubus. She only feeds on scumbags and lowlifes as a rule. She’d be better fed if she seduced a good man, but Georgina doesn’t think it’s fair of her to do so.

At her day job she gets to meet her all time favourite author, and manages to make a pretty embarrassing first impression. Seth Mortenson is nothing like she had imagined. But he is intriguing all the same. And so is Roman. A sexy guy she meets at the store who saves her from embarrassment by pretending he has a date with her.

In the underworld, immortals are being attacked. First her vampire arch nemesis, then her friend. What’s going on? And who is doing this to the immortals? Is it a vampire hunter? Or something else? And can Georgina keep her distance from the attractive mortals?

I always enjoy Mead’s work. She is an entertaining writer and it’s easy to keep reading her books. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series now that I own it.


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