Quintana of Charyn

This is a review of “Quintana of Charyn” by Melina Marchetta. It is the third and final book in The Lumatere Chronicles. It follows on from “Froi of the Exiles”.

If you read “Froi of the Exiles“, you were probably like: OMG what happens next?! I must know!!

CAUTION: Spoilers ahead. This may ruin the ending of “Froi of the Exiles” for you if you are yet to read it.

Quintana has found refuge. In the valley that borders Charyn and Lumatere. Phaedra of Alonso has faked her own death of plague to ensure that the pregnant Quintana remains safe and out of sight. Her heart aches for Lucian, but what is she to do? The future of Charyn and the life of their future King is at stake.

Isaboe wakes in Lumatere shouting out “Froi”. Finnikin is none too impressed by this. His wife has woken with another man’s name on her lips. When a mission to Charyn comes up he is keen to undertake it to get away from Isaboe. And perhaps he just may find Froi and take out his anger on him. Finnikin leaves in a fury, Isaboe is no less furious. They exchange very loud and angry words on his departure. Oh and that mission? It’s to kill Gargarin. A letter has been intercepted and Gargarin refers to Lumatere as a threat to be eliminated. Oh, and he may be responsible for advising the King of Charyn to invade Lumatere with the imposter King all those years ago…

Froi wakes after dreaming of Quintana. He is in the care of Arjuro, who has stitched him back together. Froi can’t believe that he lost Quinana, and wants to find her as soon as possible. But he needs to rest to recover from his injuries. His hair has had to be cropped to attend to a head wound, and when it is bare, it is revealed that Froi has been marked just like Quintana. His markings are the same but different. What does it mean?

Lucian is still mourning his Phaedra. He deeply regrets never telling her of his love for her. Beatriss is in the mountains visiting Tesadora. They wake him to tell him the gut wrenching news that Vestie has gone missing. They search the mountains but she is nowhere to be found, so they head down to the valley. Where they find Vestie. In the company of Quintana no less.

Can Quintana and Froi be reunited? How long will they be able to be together? Can Gargarin be saved from his death at the hands of Lumaterans? Will Phaedra have to remain ‘dead’ forever? Will the little King of Charyn be born safely? And can his birth reunite Charyn?

I loved this book. It was full of joy, comedy and wonder as well as sadness, sorrow and pain. I am sad this series is over, but I am glad it finished well. I think I will be reading more Marchetta in the future.


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