Kiss The Dead

This is a review of “Hit List” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 21st book in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Kiss The Dead” follows on from “Beauty” and “Hit List“.

Anita is working in her capacity as a US Marshal and Vampire Hunter. She’s so good at her job, the vampires call her The Executioner. Her kill count is higher than anyone else’s. A fifteen year old girl has been abducted by a group of vampires. Anita and the other police have to find her before it is too late.

But when they arrive at the scene, two officers are down. Once the girl has been secured (and a few bad guys have been taken care of), Anita sees that these vampires don’t look like your average vampire. They look too young, or too old. They look like your average kid, or grandmother. And what’s more they appear to be “masterless”, and believe that they have a right to be free. Free from the control of any master, and to be treated as equals to humans in the eye of the law.

But the dead officers can’t be overlooked. Or the girl’s abduction. And why would anyone want to spend eternity as an awkward teen? Or skinny grandparent? Anita is not too sure why anyone would choose such a fate. But she knows there is more of them, who are probably more dangerous. It’s up to her and the other men and women of the law to to find them before it is too late.

And Anita’s personal life is just as complicated as it ever is. Asher’s tantrums are getting out of control, and her very young lover Cynric (Sin), is learning that its hard to love someone who is in as much danger as Anita always seems to be.

This book was pretty good. It started off great. Police work and crime noir. Just as I like it. Still too many sex scenes with too many partners for me. Am pretty over Anita writhing and screaming all over the place. Anita claims she is happier than she has ever been, but there always seems to be someone having a big whinge. And it’s amazing how many polyamorous people live in St Louis. I have never even met one before. Not that I have anything against polygamy, it’s just pretty unrealistic that Anita has so many poly-ok lovers. But like I have said before, vampires and lycanthropes don’t exist either, so why am I bitching?


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