This is a review of “Bullet” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 19th book in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Bullet” follows on from “Flirt“.

Anita goes to a dance recital. Her honey Nathaniel is performing. So too is her close friend Jason. Not to mention the offspring (Matthew) of the late vampire Robert and Anita’s frenemy (definitely more enemy than friend) Monica Vespucci (read “Guilty Pleasures” if you can’t remember the reason for the animosity). Everyone dances beautifully, but there are a couple of awkward moments. There’s tension between Asher and Micah, which is heightened when Micah and Nathaniel share their first public kiss. Monica is being catty towards Anita and Matthew has noticed that “all the big boys kiss ‘Nita”.

Asher does not look happy at all when it’s home time. Anita is concerned, but more relieved that she doesn’t have to ride back to the Circus with Jean Claude and Asher, especially when it looks as though Asher’s got a big bee in his bonnet. When Anita arrives at the Circus, she is greeted with a strange sight. It looks for all the world as if Asher and Jean Claude are about to physically fight. Anita insists that Asher tell them what’s up. And my, he certainly does have a huge bee.

Asher is still not getting any love from Jean Claude. Anita is shocked, as she assumed they’d definitely been giving each other some one on one time. But nothing doing. Asher insists that this must change, or he has no choice but to go and take the were hyenas with him. Looks like Anita and especially Jean Claude, best be making this right, and soon.

And another shock. Richard is back. And he’s changed. No more wounded, whiny Richard. This new Richard is all about business and getting down. Thank goodness. He’s realised that his job as a third of the triumvirate between Anita, Jean Claude and himself is vital for keeping the supernatural community of St Louis safe.

Very lucky, as the Mother of All Darkness is not done with Anita yet. She’s found away to exist away from her own body (which has been destroyed), and she’s just as deadly as ever. She’s probably scarier. How do you kill something that doesn’t even have a body of it’s own? Anita has got to use her weird beastiness to give power to the were tigers and make them her own. They’re the biggest power source they have, so Anita’s gotta tap that. Literally. (*Sigh*).

Can they beat the Mother of All Darkness? Will this new peace with Richard and Asher last? Can she deal with the unrest from Haven and his were lions? And how the heck is she meant to fit more men into her life?

I did not enjoy “Bullet” as much as I enjoyed “Skin Trade“. “Skin Trade” really got my hopes up for more crime noir and less erotica. But we’re back to Anita saving the world with her magical vagina. I did like that Asher finally got some action. I am also liking this emerging dynamic with Micah and Nathaniel. I also thought it was good that Anita finally had to share some of her men with another lady. But the actual storyline felt a bit all over the place. There was all this sex, and then the plot resolution just felt like it was jammed into the last chapter where Anita just tells us everything worked out. Parts waffled on, (take Anita’s gym session) and I know they had their purpose, but I felt like Anita had bigger things to be doing. I am hoping “Hit List” is better.


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