This is a review of “Flirt” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is a novella and is the 18th book in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Flirt” follows on from “Skin Trade“.

Anita is visited in her Animators Inc office by a Mr. Tony Bennington. He’s a wealthy man who is strongly mourning the death of his wife. He wishes Anita to bring back his wife so that he may be with her. He has no other reasons (complications with her will, a need for closure, to say goodbye etc.) and because of this, Anita feels that she must refuse. He wants his wife back for good, and that is not something that Anita can do. He leaves Anita’s office sad and dissatisfied.

Nathaniel and Jason arrive at the office to take Anita out to lunch. Nathaniel and Jason flirt with Mary (the receptionist) to Anita’s amusement. They meet with Micah and all go to lunch. Nathaniel flirts with their waiter, and Anita decides to test her flirting skills too.

Days later, Anita meets with another client. Ms. Natalie Zell wants Anita to raise her dead husband. She too, is a bit on the vague side when Anita wants to know why. But with a bit of prodding, Ms. Zell reveals that she wishes to take revenge on her husband for not only denying her the chance of having children, but for cheating on her and having a child with another woman. Again, Anita refuses, even though, like Mr. Bennington, Ms. Zell offers Anita a lot of money.

Anita returns to the restaurant of the flirty waiter, this time alone. Here, she is confronted by two were lion thugs. They’re there to kidnap her to perform one of the jobs she’s recently refused. And as insurance they’re holding her were-honeys at gun point (well in the sight of snipers anyway). It is just Anita’s luck that her lioness is still on the prowl for a lion to call. Looks like things could get messy.

This novella was ok. It was lighter than some of Hamilton’s other works, but some of the storyline didn’t do it for me. As I have said before, Anita’s ever growing harem of men is starting to bore me. I did like the return to Anita’s zombie raising. But I liked Skin Trade a lot more. I am hoping the next few novels are more like ST and less about sex with strange men. It is not that I don’t like sex, I am not a prude. I guess I just prefer Anita when she is solving crime, raising zombies or killing things. At the end of this novella Hamilton also gives us an insight into her writing process.


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