Blood Noir

This is a review of “Blood Noir” by Laurell K. Hamilton. it is the 16th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Blood Noir follows on from “The Harlequin“.

Anita has a weird relationship with Jean Claude’s pomme de sang, werewolf Jason Schulyer. He’s emergency food for the ardeur, but he’s also more than that. He’s a very close friend. A lover. They’re definitely “friends with benefits”. They enjoy each other’s company, he is Nathaniel’s best friend and they usually have deep and meaningful conversations.

So when Jason is in need of support. Anita helps out. He’s going home to visit his sick father who is dying of cancer. His mother has asked him to bring home a girlfriend. Read: Jason’s dad thinks Jason is gay, and is not ok with this for whatever reason. Jason isn’t gay (he doesn’t mind a bit of guy love now and then, but mostly he is hetero) but his dad never has and most likely never will believe him.

Anita wants to support Jason any way she can, and while she’s not exactly thrilled to be pretending to be Jason’s steady girlfriend, they are after all lovers, so why not?

So they fly back to Jason’s hometown. Unbeknownst to Anita, Jason’s hometown was founded by a (shall we say cult?) religious leader, and everyone looks eerily similar. Unfortunately Jason just so happens to be the spitting image of the Governor’s twins, the Summerland boys. And even more annoyingly, one of the boys is getting married the weekend that Anita and Jason are in town visiting the ailing Mr Schulyer.

Governor Summerland is a pretty big deal. He’s a likely presidential candidate and so it’s a big deal that Keith is tying the knot. There’s a media frenzy. Keith is also a bit of a bad boy, so poor Jason has to watch his back. Security details have been set up to watch/protect Jason which leads to Anita suspecting that Keith may be in big trouble.

What’s Keith Summerland done? Will Jason mend his relationship with his dad? What are Anita’s feelings about Jason? Can she handle a whole weekend away from St Louis without anything metaphysical going awry? And what will the media make of Jason’s true identity as Jean Claude’s pomme de sang and stripper, and the fact that he’s taken Anita (Jean Claude’s main squeeze) home to meet his parents?

I liked this one. It was great to get to know Jason a little better, and there was more mystery and “bad assness” from Anita. Richard was annoying as always. I get he is jealous (and I liked that initially because it seemed like a realistic reaction to Anita’s “situation”) but seriously? Time to get over it and move on buddy. It ain’t gonna play out the way you want it to. And bitching about it won’t do jack.


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