Danse Macabre

This is a review of “Danse Macabre” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 14th novel (if you count “Micah” as a novel, and I think Hamilton does) in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Danse Macabre” follows on from “Micah“.

The novel begins with Anita having a girls chat with her bestie Ronnie. They’re talking men; were-men and vampire men. And they’re talking missed periods. Yup. Oops. Anita’s missed her period. Does that mean that maybe…there’s a baby?

And if there’s a baby, who is the father?

And Jean Claude (as Master Vampire of the city of St Louis) is hosting a ballet performed by the vampire dance company Danse Macabre. Because of this, Anita has to meet and greet many visiting masters. These include Jean Claude’s old friends Samuel: Master Vampire of Cape Cod and his wife Thea, mermaid and siren, and Augustine, mob boss and Master Vampire of Chicago.

Both have come with a purpose. Thea wishes to use Anita’s ardeur to see if it awakens her son’s siren abilities. The only other alternative is for Thea to attempt the awakening herself, and as it includes sex, that alternative is considered decidedly icky by all (except maybe Thea). Augustine wishes to taste the ardeur again.

Is there a baby? Will Anita keep it? What will it mean for her and the men in her life? Can they please their visitors? And can Anita handle all the metaphysical complications being thrown her way?

I didn’t much like this book. Anita doesn’t have any involvement in her job at Animators Inc or act as a preternatural expert for the local police force. For these reasons, I found it a bit boring. There was no suspense and the novel felt dragged out. There was too much sex for me. This series is classified as erotica, but it definitely didn’t start out that way. I really liked the early Anita stuff, but these later books just feel like Hamilton is writing the novel as though she is purely inventing reasons for Anita to have sex, sex and more sex. I did like the pregnancy scare, and Asher getting jealous/pissy.


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