Incubus Dreams

This is a review of “Incubus Dreams” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 12th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Incubus Dreams” follows on from “Cerulean Sins“.

While at work at Animators Inc, Anita meets with Barbara and Steve Brown. The couple wish to have their son raised, but Anita refuses on the grounds that he was murdered (murdered people when raised as zombies, go after their murderer). She does however, agree to assist in the investigation.

Anita continues to struggle with the metaphysical problems caused by her recent increase in power. The unpredictable spikes in power are not only messing with her, but with Jean Claude and Richard too.

Vampire politics are getting tricky too. Local religious vampire leader, Malcom has not been making his vampires take blood oaths, so his followers are essentially unbound and dangerous. They cannot be restrainedby Malcom.

Anita faces more problems as the ardeur becomes more and more ardent. She’s having a lot of related personal problems as a result. Not only is the ardeur affecting her personal relationships, but she is beginning to face prejudice and distrust from her professional colleagues, who are of the opinion that she spends too much time with the monsters.

There also appears to be a string of murders committed by vampires that focuson strippers or strip club patrons.

Can she help the Browns find closure? Can she control her newfound powers a little better? What’s going to happen with Malcom and his unbound cult? Will her relationship problems be resolved? And who is murdering strippers? Why?

Again, I liked this book but Anita’s love life is becoming pretty ridiculous. She’s not being fair, and come on. She has like 5 boyfriends now. What the?


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