Cerulean Sins

This is a review of “Cerulean Sins” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 11th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Cerulean Sins” follows on from “Narcissus in Chains“.

Anita has attracted the attention of one Leo Harlan, a professional assassin who wants to employ Anita to animate one of his ancestors. But is that all he wants? Anita is also followed by two mercenaries, whom she arrests using her status as a Federal Marshall.

Jean Claude is surprised by a visit from Musette, and her entourage, all representatives of Belle Morte, founder of Jean Claude’s blood line, and vampire council member. Their motives for the visit remain to be seen.

Anita learns of a series of shockingly brutal rapes and murders, whom she believes to be committed by a shapeshifting serial killer. However, her relationship with Dolph is continuing to deteriorate and Anita finds it difficult to get any cooperation from the police.

What do Leo and the mysterious mercenaries want? And why has Belle Mort sent a delegation to St Louis? Will Jean Claude and Anita be safe? And what of Asher? And where do the murder and rapes come in? Who is responsible for those?

While not one of my favourite Anita Blake novels, this book wasn’t too bad.


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