The Killing Dance

This is a review of “The Killing Dance” by Laurell K. Hamilton. it is the 6th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“The Killing Dance” follows on from “Bloody Bones“.

Anita meets with clients at Animators Inc. Sabin is a centuries old vampire. Abstaining from consuming human blood for a former mortal lover, he is rotting away. His human servant Dominic Dumare, a necromancer, believes that if he and Anita join forces, they can stop the rotting disease from destroying Sabin and his remaining powers. Anita agrees to work with them. Jean Claude is present at this meeting and can’t help but notice the parallels between the relationship of Dumare, Sabin and the unamed lover, and he, Anita and Richard.

Anita goes on a date with Richard, her werewolf boyfriend to her friend Catherine’s house. There they meet Monica and her husband Robert, one of Jean Claude’s vampires. Monica is pregnant to Anita’s surprise. Anita had previously thought it impossible for a vampire of Robert’s age to impregnate a woman. They leave the party when Anita receives a call from her assassin friend Edward. He informs her that he has received a proposal for a contract to kill Anita. He has rejected it, but wants her to be protected until they find out who has ordered the hit.

When Anita arrive back at her home, a gun battle ensues and Richard asks Anita to move in with him to keep her safe. Edward let’s Anita know how much she is worth (dead that is), and that her murder is worth more if she is killed within the next 24 hours. Shortly after, Richard receives a call from Stephen, who is being forced to participate in a Pornographic film against his will by Raina, female leader of the werewolf pack. They arrive to find that they have been baited by the wolves who wish to back Richard into a corner to force him to fight for his position in the pack.

Anita is finding dating Richard and Jean Claude at the same time very difficult. While attending the opening of Jean Claude’s new club, the media out her as Jean Claude’s girlfriend. Edward believes that any assassin wanting to kill Anita will make their move at the opening.

Who wants Anita dead? And why? Can Edward protect ber indefinitely? Can Richard become leader of the pack? And what’s going to happen with Anita and her two beaus?

I liked this book, I was not sure if I enjoyed the ending the first time I read this book, but I think I like it now.


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