Obsidian Butterfly

This is a review of “Obsidian Butterfly” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 9th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Obsidian Butterfly” follows on from “Blue Moon“.

Back in “The Killing Dance” Edward extracted a favour from Anita. In the “Obsidian Butterfly” he’s calling it in.

Edward is in need of Anita’s assistance in solving the mystery surrounding a set of seemingly supernatural attacks. Numerous victims have died, and many survivors remain, very seriously injured. Their injuries are most repulsive and abhorrent, and Edward is at his wits end trying to figure it all out.

So Anita travels to New Mexico to repay the favour. Anita learns much more about Edward on this trip, and ” meets” his alter ego Ted Forrester. Ted is very different to Edward. Ted, to Anita’s surprise and dismay, even has a fiancé. Donna is her name and she has two children. Anita is none too happy about this, as she believes she knows the “real” Edward. And Edward in her opinion is not marriage or step-daddy material.

Edward has also gotten help from two of his “associates” Bernardo and Olaf. Bernardo is a womanizing native American, and Olaf is a German who is as creepy as hell.

There is a number of suspects for this case. Is it local master vampire, Aztec vampire Itzpapalotl who believes she is a goddess? Or local Ulfric Roland and his vargamour/necromacer Nicky Baco?

Can Anita help Edward figure out the mystery?

I really liked this novel. It’s quite long compared to some of the previous Anita Blake novels. It’s also different because it’s mostly about Edward, who is usually a mysterious sideline character. It’s one of my favorite novels in this series. I loved finding out more about Edward (I *heart* Edward), and Olaf is oh so creepy. It was also fun to see Anita away from her romantic distractions.


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