Burnt Offerings

This is a review of “Burnt Offerings” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 7th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Burnt Offerings” follows on from “The Killing Dance“.

Anita is a busy girl. She’s not only an animator and a preternatural expert for the local police, but human servant and lover to the Master Vampire of the city, and Lupa to the local werewolf pack.

Fire Captain Pete McKinnon visits Anita at her Animators Inc office to request her help to solve a case with a series of arson incidents. He believes them to be the work of a pyro-kinetic. Anita agrees to lend a hand.

After killing the leader of the local werepanther pard, Anita finds herself in a sticky spot, as they are now without protection and leadership and aren’t doing so well. And really, was it their fault their leader was a psychotic sado-masochistic asshole that needed killing?

The werewolf pack The Thronos Rokke pack, is also in need of some guidance. Their Ulfric is our of town, and Anita is their human Lupa. And it’s not like she knows what to do.

And an incident occurs at a local bar “Burnt Offerings” where a vampire is set on fire by a woman claiming the vamp tried to munch on her without her consent, she claims it was self defense. And this isn’t an isolated incident. Attacks begin to occur, and they’re all targeting vampires and vampire owned businesses.

And probably most frightening of all, the vampire council has sent representatives to jean Claude’s territory, in an attempt to make him take Earthmover’s (a vampire Jean Claude defeated in “The Killing Dance”) place on the council. Jean Claude is caught between a rock and a hard place as he knows he is not strong enough to keep a council seat, but if he does not take a seat it will be seen as a defiance and he will be seen as a threat.

The representatives are creepy for sure. There’s The Traveler, council member able to inhabit the bodies (possess) of any vampire not strong enough to keep him out, The Master of Beasts, council member (his name pretty much speaks for itself), Belle Morte has sent Asher as her representative, Jean Claude’s former lover who now holds nothing but hatred in his heart for Jean Claude and Yvette and Warrick who represent Mort d’Amour.

Can Anita solve the mystery of the fires? Can she help the werepanthers? And appease the werewolves? Who is targeting the local vampires? Can they escape theVampire Council unscathed? And what of Asher? Will he and his hatred destroy Jean Claude?it seems like Jean Claude does not return Asher’s hate… Could Asher be a threat to Anita in another sense?

I liked this book. I loved the council members and the introduction of Asher.


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