Blue Moon

This is a review of “Blue Moon” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 8th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Blue Moon” follows on from “Burnt Offerings“.

Richard, Ulfric of the Thronos Rokke werewolf pack, is still hurting over Anita’s rejection (The Killing Dance). He’s moved away to Myerton, where he has been studying a group of trolls for his masters degree, and auditioning women for the role of Lupa (replacing Anita) for the Thronos Rokke pack.

Anita receives a call from Richard’s brother Daniel, he tells anita that Richard has been arrested for an alleged rape of a woman. He is not guilty, but he refuses to hire a lawyer. Anita leaves for Myerton with her wereleopards and vampires Asher and Damian. The local master vampire does not want Anita in his area, he will not give his permission, but Anita goes anyway. The local master Colin views this as an act of war.

Anita meets with the local pack to see what they can do for Richard, and to see if they will help her face Colin and his vampires.

Can Anita find out who has framed Richard and save him from doing time? Will she be able to do so without enraging Colin further and going to war? And what’s going to happen between Richard and herself? They’re both clearly not over each other. But can they get back to how they were? And where then does Jean Claude come in?

I liked this book. It was interesting, and a little emotional too.


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