Bloody Bones

This is a review of “Bloody Bones” by Laurell K. Hamilton. it is the 5th novel in The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

“Bloody Bones” follows on from “The Lunatic Cafe“.

Anita takes on an extremely difficult job in Branson Missouri. It’s worth lots of $$$ and there’s no way Bert would ever let her pass it up. But she’s got to stage a mass zombie raising of some very old bodies. There’s a dispute over who owns the land. She takes Larry, her apprentice along for some experience and to boost her animating power.

Raymond Stirling wishes to develop the land, but cannot do so as local siblings Magnus and Dorcas Bouvier claim the land belongs to their family. The only way to find out is to raise the graveyard.

Dolph gives Anita a call for advice on a case back in St Louis, and asks if Anita could assist local police with one of their cases. She takes Larry along with her. The crime scene contains 3 teenage/adolescent boys cut apart by a blade. Their gases have been either removed or disfigured. Anita learns that there has also been an earlier murder of a teenaged girl and boy. It is Anita’s opinion that the teenagers have been killed by a vampire or something with vampire-like speed.

Larry and Anita head to the Bouvier’s restaurant for dinner and to get some background on their animating case. Their restaurant is called (interestingly and off-putting-ly enough) “Bloody Bones”. The siblings are strange, and Anita suspects there may be something supernatural about them.

Another case with local police involving another teen. This time it definitely smacks of vampire involvement, and after an awful scene at the house, Anita decides to call Jean Claude for some advice.

Why don’t the Bouvier’s wish to sell their land? What are they hiding? Who is killing all the local young people? And why is the local vampire population seemingly out of control?

I liked this Anita Blake novel a lot more than the 4 previous. There was still a lot going on, but I enjoyed the character interactions more, and Hamilton exercised her writing muscle with some truly gross and gory scenes.


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