Letters From the Inside

This is a review of the novel “Letters From the Inside” by John Marsden.

Tracey and Mandy become pen pals. They’re around the same age, they’ve both got a brother (Mandy’s is a creep, Tracey’s is nice) and a sister, they’ve both got pets and they’ve both got secrets. Some of their secrets are bigger than others.

Watching their relationship blossom through their letters is wonderful. The reader learns about Tracey’s basketball team and amazing boyfriend, and about Mandy’s friends and creep of a brother. But some things aren’t adding up. Like why does it take so long for Mandy to receive Tracey’s letters after she posts them?

I really liked this novel. It’s deep for a teenage/young adult novel, but it has realness to it (like a lot of Marsden’s work) and it is emotional and intriguing. And the ending! (All I will say about that).


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