Carpe Jugulum

This is a review of “Carpe Jugulum” by Terry Pratchett. It is the 23rd novel in The Discworld Series and the sixth novel in the Witches Story Arc. Character arc-wise it follows on from “Maskerade“.

There is a big celebration coming up in Lancre. It’s the naming day of the infant princess. An Omnian priest has been summoned, invites have been sent out, but it seems as though an important one has been misplaced…

Vampires have come to Lancre. They were invited (*forehead slap*) by King Verence. And they’re modern vampires. Armed with positive thinking, they can overcome everything. Garlic? No biggie. Holy objects? Pfft. Sunlight? No problemo! They’re also brilliant at mind control.

Only Agnes (and Perdita) and The Quite Reverend Mightily Oats are immune. This seems to be because both are always in two minds about everything. Lancre has fallen into the hands of the vampires, and no-one else even seems to care.

Granny Weatherwax has gone off to be alone, and Lancre needs her more than ever. It’s up to Agnes, Magrat and Nanny to find her and save the day.

This is a book about vampires, witches, friendship, faith, religion and knowing your own worth.

It was very humourous (as usual) and Terry Pratchett’s take on vampires is different, amusing and a little frightening. Look out for the Nac mac Feegle (I love them! They’re probably why I love the Tiffany Aching character arc so much.)


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