Metro Winds

This is a review of “Metro Winds” by Isobelle Carmody. It is an anthology of short stories.

I will give a mini review for each short story.

Metro Winds
A girl travels to her aunt’s house, to stay there while her parents are getting a divorce. Her aunt lives in a big city vastly different to her isolated oceanside childhood home. You’d think she’d be anxious or scared. She’s not.

She’s a strange girl. Always has been. Her mother is nervous of her. Her aunt doesn’t quite know what to make of her. She’s not like other people.

The city is very different to what she is used to. Her aunt delights in showing her around. She shows her The Metro. When they descend into the train tunnel, a gust of air buffets the girl and she swears she can smell the ocean…

But the city is nowhere near the ocean.

A vivid story full of rich imagery and surreal happenings. I quite liked it.

The Dove Game
Daniel is an Australian jackaroo. He has to travel to Paris to fulfill a promise he made to a foreign man. He is reluctant to go so far for a stranger, but finds he feels he must, as “it is the right thing to do”.

What he finds in Paris is nothing at all like he expected, and is far more bizarre than he would ever have imagined.

The Girl Who Could See The Wind
When Willow was 8 years old her father died. Her mother’s grief was boundless. After the death of her father, her mother becomes more and more preoccupied and obsessed with Willow’s safety.

When Willow is 10 she moves with her mother to a faraway country- it seems as if they have moved to the very end of the Earth.

Their new home is in a very strange place but Willow’s mother seems happier apart from a few instances of disquiet.

Eventually she remarries and Willow is gifted with a sibling- a sibling who is different just like her, but more so.

I enjoyed this short story. It reminded me very much of “Wide Sargasso Sea” by Jean Rhys in the beginning. While the ending felt a little disconnected from the beginning to me, I still really liked it regardless.

The Stranger
Case is a scriptwriter waiting at the airport. So far his life has not really been defined by any specific moment. He has existed in a space of neither great sorrow or great happiness. He has mostly been a watcher and an observer.

He sees a woman while waiting at the airport. She is like no-one when he has seen before. He feels he needs to see her again. While boarding the plane, he glimpses her in line for his flight- destination Santorini, where he hopes to finish his script.

He may finish more than that.

A tale from Isobelle Carmody I never thought I would get to see 🙂

The Wolf Prince
This is a short story about a mortal woman in Faerie, and her experience as a Princess Bride, a wife, a mother and a friend.

All I will say is that it really has to be read to be fully appreciated. I loved it and it is my favourite story in this book.

The Man Who Lost His Shadow
This short story follows a man, who-as the title suggests-has lost his shadow.

I found it quite interesting, especially at the beginning, because as a child, I distinctly remember being fascinated by that part in “Peter Pan” when he is chasing his shadow that is no longer attached to him. I would imagine my own shadow slipping free of me and going about it’s own business.

As a matter of fact, my childhood imaginary friend was actually the darkness. Not a person but the dark itself. Creepy huh?

I really enjoyed “Metro Winds”, another wonderful book to add to my Isobelle Carmody collection.


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