Sweet and Deadly

This is a review of “Sweet and Deadly” by Charlaine Harris.

This was Charlaine Harris’ first published novel.

Catherine Linton is alone in the world. Six months ago her parents were killed in a horrific car accident. And she has just found a dead body. Worse, it belongs to someone she used to know. Someone who was close to her father.

Catherine has not forgotten the suspicious nature of the accident that claimed her parents, and cannot shake the inkling that maybe the deaths are related…

Working in a newspaper office, she is in an ideal position to hear town gossip, secrets and scandal.

I liked this novel. It did start off a bit too slow and …. Bleak? (I think that is the word I am after). I didn’t much like Catherine to begin with. But I soon found myself intrigued, and wanting to get to the end.

I have heard it said that Charlaine Harris did not want to name this novel ” Sweet and Deadly”, I must say I agree. It doesn’t suit.


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