This is a review of the short story “Bacon” by Charlaine Harris. It can be found in the anthology “Strange Brew”.

“Bacon” is the second Dahlia Lynley-Chivers short story.

It takes place in the Sookieverse but has nothing to do with Sookie Stackhouse and chronologically comes after the short story “Tacky“.

Dahlia Lynley-Chivers is a widow. A very unhappy widow. She wants revenge for the death of her husband, werewolf Todd Swinton of the Swiftfoot pack.

She seeks the help of a powerful witch, Kathy Aenidis (a direct descendant of The Circe) to take revenge on those she believes responsible for his death.

Her beloved Todd was challenged and unfairly killed (by way of skulduggery) by a member of the rival Rhodes pack, The Ripper Pack.

Dahlia’s plan for revenge is much more convoluted than it appears at first look…

An entertaining read. Great for a mini escape from reality.


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