If I Had a Hammer

This is a review of the Sookie Stackhouse short story “If I Had a Hammer” by Charlaine Harris. It can be found in the anthology: “Home Improvement: Undead Edition”.

“If I Had a Hammer” takes place after “Dead Ever After“.

JB and Tara Du Rone are proud new parents to twins Robbie and Sara. They love their small house on Magnolia St, but they’d like to convert the large sunroom into a room for the twins. To do this they’ll need to do some renovating with the help of their close friends Sookie Stackhouse and Sam Merlotte. Young Quiana Wong is on hand to babysit the twins.

Sam is knocking down the wall of the sunroom that forms the back of the closet in the too-small second bedroom. They are then closing off the closet from the bedroom side so that the closet will now open into the sunroom. Hang some new doors, and presto! Done.

But when they find an old bloodstained hammer, they recall the history of the old house. An old “unsolved” murder that’s become a Bon Temps urban legend.

And it seems that ever since the hammer has been uncovered, something else has been disturbed. A feeling of unease sweeps over the house and the renovators. And is it just Sookie’s imagination, or does Quiana seem bothered more than the others?

I really liked this short story! I thought it was going to be a cute-sy Sookie story about her and her friends but it turned out to be something a little deeper, and a little darker.


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