Dead Reckoning

This is a review of “Dead Reckoning” by Charlaine Harris. It is the eleventh novel in The Sookie Stackhouse Series. It follows on from “Dead in the Family“.

If you are a fan of the HBO show Trueblood, then you ought to know that the show has not yet reached this point in the series.

Sookie is at work when Merlotte’s is firebombed. Fortunately the fire is extinguished, but the clientele has been scared away, and Sookie has lost a good couple of inches off her ponytail.

Who could possibly be out to cause trouble now? Sookie is sure that the firebomber was a supe of some kind (too quick and too strong for a human) but their motive eludes her.

Pam and Eric are being secretive and cryptic, and Sookie wants to know why. She suspects it has something to do with the egotistical and power hungry vampire regent of Louisiana, Victor, but she can’t be sure. Victor is an asshole. Many want him dead.

Claude and Dermot have been living with Sookie, which has been okay. But Sookie feels different when she is with them. Perhaps a little more … Fae? Is that possible?

And while cleaning out the attic, Sookie finds something that could change her understanding of the past and her life.

Look out for an appearance from Jack and Lily from The Lily Bard Series in this novel.

I enjoyed Sookie’s introspection in this novel.


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