Small Town Wedding

This is a review of the Sookie Stackhouse novella “Small Town Wedding” by Charlaine Harris. It can be found in “The Sookie Stackhouse Companion”.

“Small Town Wedding” takes place after “Dead in the Family“.

Months ago, Sookie promised her boss Sam that she would go with him to Wright, Texas to attend his younger brother Craig’s wedding. The wedding approaches, so Sam and Sookie take a road trip.

Sam is the first-born son of a pure-blood shifter couple, which means that out of his parent’s three children, he is the only shape shifter. Sam’s father has died many years ago, and his mother had remarried, only to be shot by her second husband the very night she revealed her second nature to him. Needless to say, they are now divorced.

Sam’s family are still dealing with the aftermath of the shooting, and his younger siblings are coming to terms with the revelation of their mother’s (and Sam’s) secret second nature. Craig’s wedding has already postponed while the couple underwent counselling at the request of the bride-to-be’s family. Even though there is no possibility of Craig and Deidra’s offspring being two-natured, Deidra’s family are still being cautious.

The anxious young couple are so happy and excited to be finally getting married. Sookie is happy to be meeting Sam’s family (even though she is not his real girlfriend, just a stand-in).

But all is not well in Wright, Texas. Even though Bon Temps escaped without too many protests and incidents after the great reveal of the two-natured community, things sure didn’t go as smoothly in Wright, Texas.

And Sookie is in for another two-natured blast from the past. Someone has been wanting to talk things over with her for a while now…

An interesting Sookie piece. It’s a novella, so it’s longer and more involved than a short story, but it’s not as lengthy as a Sookie novel. Even though it’s shorter, it’s a powerful piece about hate, prejudice, love and friendship.



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