Dead and Gone

This is a review of “Dead and Gone” by Charlaine Harris. It is the ninth novel in The Sookie Stackhouse Series. It follows on from “From Dead to Worse“.

If you are a fan of the HBO show Trueblood, then you ought to know that the show has not reached this point in the series yet.

Sookie is feeling kind of crowded. Amelia and Octavia are still living with her in Bon Temps, and Sookie is not used to having others around at all times.

The weres and shifters have decided that they too should reveal their existence to the world. After the success of the ‘Great Revelation’ of the vampires a few years back, they figure they should be treated pretty much the same.

After the big reveal, things seems to be going ok . A couple of incidents, but nothing too bad. But then a body of a were-panther is found, mutilated and left out in the open carpark of Merlotte’s.

Who could do such a thing?

And while Sookie was thrilled to discover her new relatives (“From Dead to Worse“) she is discovering that they’re a little troublesome. They’ve got some problems. Big problems. And Sookie has been drawn into them.

This book was a little darker than the other Sookie novels with themes of death, prejudice, war, dishonesty and betrayal. I did like it though. Sookie will be forever changed by the events in this book.


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2 thoughts on “Dead and Gone

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